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Jordan and I set up some cameras a few months ago and had a chat about the new(ish) Mission Inhaler FZ Lineup. It took me some time to work through nearly an hour of it to edit. Watching yourself isn't easy! But due to a long isolation, we were finally able to get it done!

We're all over the place, but by the end you may have learned a few things... 

Roller hockey ramblings by Coast to Coast Hockey

We covered each model, FZ-0, FZ-1, FZ-3, FZ-5 and touch on the entry level Bauer RS and RSX.

It's our first time filming something like this, it's a bit slow but we think there are still some helpful things in there to hopefully get you into the right pair of skates when it's time.

Who do the Mission skates fit best? When should you consider the Vapor?

Do the top of the line skates fit the same as the mid-range?

What's our review of the Labeda Addiction and Labeda Union wheels?

We cover this and a lot more!


How to Win:

All we are asking is for you to Tag hockey players to our Facebook or Instagram posts where we are mentioning this promo. You don't even have to know the players! Just tag a few people you can find and we'll enter you in the contest to win a free pair as thanks! Honestly, the more hockey players you tag, the better your chances are :)

If you have great skates already but know someone in need, you can also nominate them and tell us why! We like that.

Instagram -

Facebook -

Easy peasy.

We'll announce a winner in our next video. Not sure when that is! If it drags on too long we'll announce another way.

Also, as discussed in the video, if the FZ-0 is not the right fit for you, we will give away a Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Skate!



Have any feedback on the video? Any Roller Hockey topics you'd like to see covered? We'd be happy to hear.

Any questions shoot us a message!