If you are serious about finding the right pair of roller hockey skates, take your time to fill out as much of this form as you can. We'll get back to you as soon as we can with some more questions and recommendations. Finding the right skate can take a few tries, especially online. We can certainly reduce the time if you can provide a few extra details! It will be worth the wait when we nail it.

This form in no way obligates you to purchase skates with us, we just hope to provide clarity and our knowledge about inline skate fitting. So many people buying online will grab the wrong size skates without knowing it. We'd like to get people in skates they can wear all day!

If you do decide to buy skates with us and the fit isn't feeling right, simply return the unused skates and we will get the next size to you for free. If they are used, we'll still take them minus a restocking fee. We do not want you to be stuck with skates that aren't great for you. We want you to be playing!



If you can provide a measurement in CM it will help us guide you better.

Easy way: Stand up on paper, trace both feet as accurately as possible, measure the longest and widest in CM to the nearest MM (Example 26.2cm x 10.7cm)