Gearing up for the first time?  Looking to get started playing some inline hockey?  Make sure you gear up correctly with our checklists below!

Indoor Inline Checklist
Indoor Inline Hockey often entails full-paced, formal hockey.  With the use of pucks and surfaces that enable a faster speed and more physical game, greater levels of protection are needed to meet the game's demands.

Upper Body Lower Body Stick Options  Miscellaneous

Helmet and Facial Protection
With players facing full power shots and skating at higher speeds, concussion prevention and facial protection are a core part of your protective gear.

Shoulder Pads or Padded Shirt
Inline Padded Shirts are designed specifically for the breathability, mobility and performance needs of the sport, and often serve as a much more environment-appropriate alternative to traditional shoulder pads.

Elbow and Shin Pads
Protecting your arms and legs not only reduce the injury you can receive in the event of a fall, collision or impact; but padding also reduces the likelihood of one of your limbs accidentally injuring another player in high-intensity battles.


Many companies manufacture high-protection hockey gloves with improved ventilation built specifically for inline hockey.  These will improve the overall comfort of your hands during the game.

Inline Hockey Skate
Inline skates are designed with the ventilation and weight reduction best suited to our sport, building on the comfort and performance the warmer environments need, as well as compensating for the weight of the chassis and wheels.

Indoor Wheels
A core necessity of the indoor inline game.  Indoor wheels provide greater traction, grip, control and stability; designed specifically for the lower-friction sport court and ice court surfaces that are typical in indoor roller arenas.  Using the correct wheels reduce the chance of injury from slippage or losing and edge during an important maneuver.

Hockey Pants or Inline Girdle
Similar to the Shoulder Pads/Padded Shirt, the Inline Girdle is better designed for the needs of the game and provide more mobility and breathability while still retaining protection in core areas.  With puck and ball impacts being of lower velocity than an ice puck, protection is concentrated on the hips and tailbone for fall injuries.

Composite Stick
One key advantage of playing indoor inline hockey is being able to use full-composite sticks without fearing the same durability loss as grinding your carbon twig on asphalt.  This allows you to maximize performance, energy transfer and puck feel, contributing to harder shots and lighter hands.

Two-Piece Stick with ABS/Wood/Composite Blade
If looking for better lifespan in your stick, a two-piece setup with a shaft and blade is just for you.  Two separate components allows replacement upon breakage of either the shaft or blade, as well as being able to use your stick on both indoor and outdoor surfaces if an ABS or Wood blade is preferred.

Inline Pants
For those using Girdles, an inline pant serving as a "coverall" helps keep things tidy, as well as keeping everything in place against your body.

Whether you're bringing one white and one dark jersey for a pickup game, or you're bringing in your team's jersey for the league playoffs, don't leave it at home!

Can't forget a solid bag to haul your trusty gear in.

Skate Tool
For those quick, on-the-bench repairs and adjustments

Spare Wheels
Nothing takes you out of a game quicker than a cracked or broken wheel.  Bring some backup sets.

Spare Stick
Can't play without a twig, and can't play with a broken twig.  Bring a backup for those moments you wish you had one!

Pucks and Balls
Having a couple spare for warmups or in case of an emergency, be the guy who's always prepared!

Spare laces can be thrown in between periods to get a fresh lock on your boots.


 Outdoor Hockey Checklist
Pickup Outdoor Hockey is often a casual sport reminiscent of a quick game of shinny. Reduced padding to deal with the heat and lighter protection due to the lower intensity make it an easy sport to get geared up quick and easy on the wallet.

Core Gear Optional Items

Inline Skates
Ventilation first!  Inline skates are designed with the ventilation and weight reduction best suited to our sport, building on the comfort and performance the warmer environments need, as well as compensating for the weight of the chassis and wheels.

Outdoor Wheels
Nothing chews up dollars quicker than using indoor wheels on an outdoor surface.  Not only are you significantly reducing the lifespan of your precious wheels, but the extra grip and softness coming from the more flexible indoor urethane can in fact make it more dangerous to skate on.  Grab a set of outdoor wheels with the hardness and durability made for the sunny outdoors.

Gloves and Shin Pads
Outdoor hockey is typically played with a ball, but even basic protection on the more vulnerable parts of your body are important.  Having gloves and shin pads helps protect from ball or stick impacts, as well as injuries from falls.

ABS Stick or Blade Combo
Whether it's a full ABS stick or a composite shaft/ABS blade combo, ABS reinforced blades are designed to take the wear and tear of the harsher outdoor surfaces.

Nothing wrong with protecting your noggin!  Inline helmets are often designed with solid airflow that improve comfort for those hot summer months.

Hat or Toque
Whether it's to keep the hair off your face, or the sun out of your eyes, doesn't hurt to have something holding it all back a bit.

Girdle and Inline Pants
For those worried about a rough and tumble fall, don't be afraid to pick a set up to protect your hips and tailbone from the rough asphalt and concrete.

Spare Balls
One can never be too prepared, keep the game rolling on no matter what!

Spare Wheels and Skate Tool
While outdoor wheels are much more durable, never hurts to have some backup just in case.

Basic Bag
Most gear fits in an oversized backpack just fine, but some prefer to have an all-in-one they can throw in the back seat without tracking down each piece of gear.

Water Bottle
Keep hydrated!  It's hot out there!