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At Coast to Coast, all we think about is roller and street hockey. We know the roller hockey player in your life is going to love getting surprised with these items over the holidays.

We use this stuff ourselves to keep moving all year. It's amazing how many hours of fun, fitness and fresh air you can get from a Green Biscuit.

Now is the time to treat yourself or someone you care about to some roller hockey goodness. 


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Small Gifts

      1. Green Biscuits - Original, Snipe, Roller

          The Original Green Biscuit is the best off-ice practice puck available for stick handling outdoors, but isn’t designed for ripping shots off metal posts. The Snipe is a shooting puck and the roller puck is designed for playing roller hockey on smooth surfaces. 


              2. Balls - Mylec G-Force, Franklin AGS

                  Get the good ones! Liquid filled, low bounce balls of various colours for playing hockey at different temperatures. 


                        3. Sonic Pro Tool

                              Pop out your bearings or rotate wheels with this convenient, durable multi-tool. Lasts a life time!


                              Medium Gifts

                                  Use your favourite stick and curve outdoors without wearing it down by protecting it with a WrapAround.


                                      Fully serviceable, high quality speed bearings that offer great performance at a good price. Instant upgrade to a smooth and fast skate experience.


                                          Magnetic shooting targets that easily clip to any metal goal frame or other pipe and pop off when you hit them. They’re way easier to transport, attach and reset than traditional targets that use foam and Velcro. Super challenging and satisfying to pop.


                                           helo swiss bearings mission wm03 skates tour gloves and green biscuits are all available for the holiday season at coast to coast roller hockey shop in vancouver bc

                                          Large Gifts

                                              Mission WM03 is a medium volume boot that’s great for recreational league play and generally works for people with slightly above average width feet. 

                                              Players with narrower feet should consider the Bauer Vapor lineup and those with very wide feet may want to consider True TF7 inline boots in wide.

                                              The Mission Lil’ Ripper adjustable skates grow along with the skater and are great for children with size 7-10 youth or 11 youth-1 junior sizes.


                                                  The True Catalyst 9X is a light weight, mid-flex carbon fiber shaft. The CTC SC2 shaft is an ultralight, low-kick carbon fiber shaft and the CTC Weston is a durable, low-kick shaft made of fiberglass and carbon fiber. All three shafts pair well with our wide variety of standard blades.  


                                                      Bauer Hockey Sauce is a hockey yard game, training and trick shot kit. Imagine corn hole with hockey sticks.



                                                      konixx pure-x indoor hockey wheels or pulsar are a great choice for playing on smooth indoor sport court on concrete surfaces

                                                      Gifts for the indoor roller player

                                                      10. Indoor Wheels - Konixx Pure X / Pulsar, Labeda Grippers

                                                        Konixx Pure X wheels carry on the tradition of the very well received OG Pure wheels. They are very popular among high level inline players for Sport Court and offer amazing speed, grip and durability. 

                                                        The Konixx Pulsar is an advanced single pour wheel that comes in a single durometer that is a high-performance option for players under 195lbs.

                                                        Labeda Grippers are an affordable single pour wheel that can be used on a variety of indoor surfaces, but is renowned as a top wheel for sealed concrete. 

                                                        Send us a photo of their skates and we'll make sure you get the right sizes!


                                                            Ultra-high performance, fully serviceable precision bearings for the competitive indoor player.


                                                                The Code 1 glove has a truly unique to roller hockey feel, offering the performance and protection of a hockey glove, but the dexterity and weight of a lacrosse glove.


                                                                 abs blades for street or roller hockey from ctc ccm alkali bauer sherwood winnwell

                                                                Gifts for the outdoor roller player

                                                                    The Clingers offer what we believe is the HIGHEST durability for rough surfaces, plus a great balance of grip and speed for outdoor hockey.


                                                                        Choose from our wide selection of ABS blades to pair with an existing shaft or the previously mentioned shafts (see #8). Best option for regular games on rough surfaces.


                                                                            If you feel like there are so many options you can’t choose, let your inline player choose for themselves by buying a gift card. 


                                                                            Why Shop at CTC? We’re an independent, locally owned shop that is passionate about the game of roller hockey and want to see it not only survive, but thrive. Players that are using the equipment that fits them well and works for their surface will enjoy the game more and are more likely to keep playing. We want to use our knowledge and experience to help you get the best products for your game and are always more than happy to chat about inline equipment.



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