Fast shipping from within Canada, no hidden duty fees and a great selection of wheels and bearings. Fast turnaround within Canada for order adjustments or the rare manufacturer defects. Local service within the day in and around Vancouver is not a rare occurence!


We strive to carry a large selection of quality roller hockey products. We test nearly every product we sell and only carry what we would use or believe is useful. Offering different price points for wheels and bearings to suit players who want the best as well as the players who just need to get rolling.


All inquiries are handled by a roller hockey know-it-all with all the experience to help you out or at least point you in the right direction. We remember the moments as a player when you find a piece of hockey equipment that truly fits. We aim to share that feeling by providing proper gear for your application. Contact us and see!


Supporting the kids:
Coast to Coast Hockey Shop is proud to support Junior inline hockey leagues in Canada. Every year we work closely with the NSIHL – Western Canada’s largest non-profit league. Attending swap meets to help kids and parents find the right gear, offering rinkside service at tournaments, donating prizes and gift certificates while always keeping it affordable for the families. We may have unintentionally done a few babysitting shifts as well.


Well, sort of. We understand inline hockey wheels are an oil based product and likely aren’t decomposing in landfills. That is hard to avoid. Until we can develop a recycling system for old wheels, we can only control what we waste and consume. CTCHS does this by using recycled boxes/packing material, often using a bike or skates to bring orders to the post office, invoicing through email instead of paper copies, etc. We try!


Experienced worldwide shippers:
*Recently updated!! We have shipped wheels, bearings and other accessories to thousands of customers in over 500(!!!) cities around the world.