Coast to Coast Hockey Shop was created for Inline Hockey players in Canada to stay in the game by having easier access to the products they need for reasonable prices. We saw too many friends ditching their inline boots with worn out wheels and going back to ice hockey because the new wheels were too hard to find locally, low quality or pricey.

We believe in providing the best information we can to suit players individual needs. We strive to sell high quality products at different price points and have them readily available.

Based in Vancouver BC and run by roller hockey player and locally known “Wheel Guy”. Coast to Coast Hockey Shop’s reach has extended to hundreds of cities and thousands of customers Coast to Coast across Canada and the rest of the world.

Using nearly 20 years of Roller Hockey experience at his disposal, Sean has been able to help nearly all of these customers personally, building a solid base of returning and referred customers. 

We hope to take any stress out of buying wheels. Don’t hesitiate to contact us about your game and we will help you pick the right gear. For the heavy guys and the lighter guys, indoor or outdoor and everything in between, we have a wheel for you!