• Bauer RS vs RSX Roller Hockey Skates, what's the difference? Is one better for skating out in the streets?

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    We have been receiving a lot of questions about the Bauer RS and RSX inline skates. Now that a ton of hockey players are without ice and looking to the streets to get their hockey fix we thought we'd get our thoughts out to help you get the right pair of skates for the summer!

    Bauer RS and RSX Inline Roller Hockey Skates in Vancouver Canada Comparison Review Jr Kids Youth Senior Adult Outdoor Street

    I feel it's important to mention the Bauer RS (Yellow wheels and accents) and RSX (Blue wheels and accents) are the CHEAPEST INLINE SKATES Bauer makes for roller hockey. With that I hope to temper expectations that these are going to be a completely luxurious experience for everyone. They will do the trick to get out and skate this summer, but won't stack up quite like your $500+ ice skates.

    The RS and RSX are entry level skates, and what Bauer is able to bring to market at a price that most people can afford is great. I'd say they are the best skates in the $100-$250 price range, compared to any other brands starter models. They are perfect for kids with growing feet, small adults. Bigger skaters (175lbs+) beware... anything more than recreational skating could end bad.


    Bauer RS Inline Hockey Skates

    The Bauer RS Skates use a solid one-piece plastic shell. We love this, reminds me of the old hard boot Titan brand rollerblades I had as a kid. Fairly supportive and handles a lot of abuse as far as scratches from falls. Will make a good hand me down. I think they look awesome all scraped up.

    The Outdoor wheels are hard, made for playing hockey in an outdoor rink. Not a lot of grip, they will slide easily and roll quickly. For cruising, and street skating, you will feel a lot more more of the bumps in the road.

    The Hi Lo frames used on all Bauer/Mission skates we believe offer the best agility and most natural transition from ice to inline.

    The Bauer RS Youth model is available in sizes 10-13. They use 3 wheels per skate (better foot size to wheel base ratio)

    The Bauer RS Junior Skate model is the next range from 1-5 skate size.

    The Bauer RS Senior Skate Model is available in sizes 6-12.



    Bauer RSX differences and upgrades

    Besides the bright blue colour, there are 2 upgrades on the Bauer RSX Inline Skates. There is a Junior Bauer RSX Model from size 1-5 and a Senior Bauer RSX Skate with sizes from 6-12.

    1. The tongue is upgraded, with extra foam inserts on top of the foot for more comfort.
    2. They come with softer indoor wheels. It isn't a super high quality indoor wheel, but we think they are great for street skating. They absorb more shock for a smoother roll and offer way better grip which makes them easier to control.

    The indoor will wear down a bit faster if you are playing intense hockey, but for people who are just starting out with street skating, there is no reason to avoid using these outdoor, unless you plan to use them indoor one day. Then I'd say still use them and get a better set of indoor wheels to use indoor.

    Just noticing: upgraded laces. The laces on the RS are really cheap. RSX are a minor step up. Adding a pair of waxed or coloured Elite Hockey laces looks really sharp!


    Thin Tongue on RS:

    The Tongue is pretty thin on top of the foot. Just make sure that you lace the skates evenly. Don't over-tighten in one spot or you can create lace bite on top of the foot which is no fun at all.

    Thin Hi Lo Frame:

    These frames can hold up very well for almost all kids and most small adults for recreational and street skating, ball hockey, training etc. But if you start playing with a puck or are a bigger player (over 180lbs) or putting a lot of force into your skates, you may run into some issues.


    See this Reddit post of someone who bent their frames completely during their first session.

    He was a big skater, over 200lbs, so we advise if you are heavier, or putting a lot of force into the skates and want them to last, we would recommend upgrading to the Mission Inhaler FZ5 for wider feet, or the Bauer Vapor X2.7 for narrower feet. They come with a much stronger frame.

    Not to scare you away completely, just to be honest with what we've seen so far. These are a dynamite first pair of skates for most!


    Indoor and Outdoor Wheels:

    Don't worry TOO much, for the streets, either wheels can used just fine and get upgraded easily. Choose the right fit and budget first and you can change the experience in a major way by switching wheels. We are happy to help recommend a wheel if you let us know where you'll be skating most!

    Send us a photo a few weeks in to skating and we can advise you on wheel rotation (flipping and changing spots) to maximize their life.

    Exceptions to this rule... We wouldn't recommend using an outdoor wheel indoor though, you can't grip in turns or stop which is a major disadvantage.
    Also, don't use your really expensive indoor wheels outdoor, they'll get shredded and won't perform on smooth surfaces anymore.

    Does the extra cost justify the upgrade:

    Tough one. The cost to upgrade, $70 for Junior, or $80 doesn't quite add up to me... the wheels shouldn't cost more than a couple bucks each to upgrade. So I guess most of the cost is in the new tongue. Which is definitely an upgrade, but its still a pretty airy tongue for $50? I think if you want a comfortable and smooth experience right away, go for the RSX. If you are on a budget and just looking for something fun to boot around the block in, possibly get in some street hockey, the RS will do just fine.


    Bauer RS and RSX Sizing advice:

    Roller Hockey skates will fit 1-2 sizes down from a perfectly fitting shoe. Jr and Youth skate sizes generally fit 1 sizes down from shoe size. Senior skates are 1.5-2.0 sizes down from shoe.

    Example: I wear an 8.0D skate size and a 10.0 US Shoe size.

    The most common mistake buying ill-fitting skates is having the same size as your shoe size.

    Better than using shoe size, which isn't perfect, measure in CM (centimeters) in 3 easy steps:

    1. Stand up on paper
    2. Trace both feet as accurately as possible,
    3. Measure the longest in CM to the nearest MM (Example 23.2cm)

    Then, use the size chart to find the skate closest to your measurement. For growing feet I would suggest making sure you have 3mm-1.0cm of extra space for growth. The bigger you go, the harder they will be to control, so we don't advise going higher than 1cm.


    Bauer RS and RSX Inline Skate Size Charts


    Bauer RS Youth Skates

    Skate Size  Y10 Y11 Y12 Y13
    US Shoe Y11 Y12 Y13 1
    EU Shoe 28 29.5 31 32
    UK Y10.5 Y11.5 Y12.5 Y13.5
    Length in CM (Centimeters) (label) 17.0 18.0 19.0.0 20


    Bauer RS / RSX Junior Skates

    Skate Size 1 2 3 4 5
    US Shoe 2 3 4 5 6
    EU Shoe 33.5 35 36 37.5 38.5
    UK Shoe 1.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.5

    Length in CM (Centimeters) (label)

    21.0 21.8 22.6 23.5 24.3


    Bauer RS / RSX Senior Skates

    SKATE SIZE 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    US Shoe 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5 12.5 13.5
    EU Shoe 40.5 42 43 44.5 45.5 47 48
    UK Shoe 6.5 7.5 8.5 9.5 10.5 11.5 12.5
    Length CM (Centimeters) (label) 25.1 26.0 26.8 27.7 28.5 29.4 30.2



    Still haven't had enough?

    We talk about the RS and RSX a bit more in our Mission Inhaler FZ Skate Ramblings on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2luuoTEtqNc


    Holler if you have questions!

    Thanks again for choosing us to get your hockey fix this summer! We love this gear and it's our pleasure to share with you what we've learned over the years to get the most out it! It can seem confusing but let us know what you are thinking and we'll get you up to speed.

    As always - shoot us an email if you have any questions or would like to place an order! Use the contact page or contact me directly - sean@coasthockeyshop.com


  • Might be weird, but I LOVE SHAFTS! ABS Blades too. Two-Piece Sticks are still the way of the outdoor hockey game.

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    My first shaft was made of Aluminum. A Silver and Black Easton made popular by Wayne Gretzky. At the time I had no preference of sticks, but when my parents gifted that to me, as a Gretzky fan and hockey nerd I was in love.

    wayne gretzky hockey shaft easton aluminum silver black

    After school I would run home, grab my skates and stick, and head a block over to my uncles house where I kept my net. His street had the smoothly paved alley. I scored hundreds of Game 7 overtime goals on that rickety plastic net. I loved it so much I left the house in middle of the '94 Game 7 Stanley Cup final to go and play. Luckily for me, I missed watching the Rangers beat Vancouver. I would always rather play than watch!

    I'm reminded of these times now, with most people stuck at home due to the virus, the rinks and leagues closed, school out.. We're seeing hockey kids everywhere in the backyard and street with ball or a Green Biscuit and spending hours using their body and imagination!

    That's where I found my real love of hockey.



    The local outdoor games still have a few people using the Aluminum shafts. They don't seem to break down as much as I wish they'd disappear from the game! I respect their frugality and comfort with them, but it makes me cringe, thinking of how heavy and stiff they are compared to new composite products. Lots of us don't wear pads in our outdoor games and taking a whack from one of those to a bare shin is quite memorable.

    Company after company has been ceasing production of shafts making them harder to find. Right now True is the only mainstream hockey company making great shafts anymore. Their shaft is very popular, The True A6.0 Shaft is available in 75, 85 and 95 flex with Grip. It's super light, packs a bunch and is quite affordable.


    Our Outdoor Hockey Shafts:

    We made our CTC Weston Shaft in Silver and Black as a throwback to the Kings/Greztky era. It's the only Low-Kick flex shaft we know of on the market. We made it in 70, 85 and 90 Flex with Grip and Non-Grip options. Made with a blend of Carbon fibre and fibreglass.

    ctc weston shaft gretzky composite 70 flex 85 flex 100 flex grip nongrip senior two piece

    Now you get the style of the 90's with the modern tech! Faster hands and less bleeding shins too! I've been using it for a few months. Took some time to figure out the low kick but now I love the pop I get on quick shots and passes. A few chips in the shiny silver paint but holding up very nicely!


    Grip or No Grip?

    Grip has become the norm these days, it's almost impossible to find any high quality composite sticks without it. I know there is a group of players that still prefers the feel of a slippery, non-grip shaft, myself included.

    carbon fiber fibre hockey shaft ctc standard sr 55 flex 65 flex 75 flex 85 flex 95 flex 105 flex grip nongrip

    We originally created the CTC Standard Shaft to fill that gap and offer a wider range of options. It was available in 55, 65, 75, 85, 95 and 105 Flex with Grip and Non-Grip options. Super-light 18k Carbon fiber. Mid-Kick flex Profile.


    Senior shafts with lower Flex?

    We noticed a trend in Senior players dropping their flex lower than what was normal (think Johnny Gaudreau and Phil Kessel using a 55 and 65 flex) and having excellent results.

    I dropped from an 85 and am now shuffling between 65 and 75 flex and feel like I can get a bit more zip out of my passes and shots(still muffins).

    Most sizes are currently sold out and some of the early users are already looking for more! We are working on a redesign of the shaft graphics and hope to restock by the end of 2020.


    Shaft Lengths:

    From working in the shop and changing hundreds of ABS blades for customers we realized most people were not using and ideal flex Flex in their shaft. Plenty of customers, under 5'7" would be using a 110 Flex stick that had like 10" cut off of it. That would make the stick like 150+ Flex. Insane! We thought these players would get more power from their stick if they were actually able to flex the shaft.

    The CTC Standard uses different lengths of shafts to better suit the players.

    55 Flex - 50 Inches
    65 Flex - 52 Inches
    75 Flex - 54 Inches
    85 Flex - 54 Inches
    95 Flex - 54 Inches
    105 Flex - 56 Inches

    All flexes are Sr Shaft Dimensions and will fit a full size Sr blade.

    Finding Jr and Tapered blades is getting harder so we wanted it to maximize the options available for blades.


    ABS Replacement Blades:

    Most of the big guys are still making ABS Blades.

    Bauer has the new I3000 ABS Blade and older I300 ABS Blades

    CCM still has their CCM Ultimate ABS Blade (which isn't the same as the old, super popular 1k / 4k /10k)

    Sher-Wood has the T20 ABS Blade which is nice and light.

    They are all solid and each have their own unique construction. The shortfall is that besides the Sher-wood, which has 2 curves available, they all use the same curve. Generally a "Sakic" pattern.

    What's wrong with that? Well, most players using ABS blades are playing with a ball. The Sakic pattern is 'open faced', which means the blade twists in the middle, aimed to help players raise shots. Raising the ball is not as challenging as a puck, and with the open face, we always found it much harder to control.

    I think the Closed face curves are the best for hockey with a ball. A more consistent curve with less variability in loft and twist we believe leads to more accurate shots and passes.


    The Curves:

    So, we decided to make 2 curve options with a closed face. The Bao curve, is aimed at playmakers. Very little curve on this one. Easy to handle on the backhand and make accurate passes. Will resemble a PM9 curve.

    abs blade curve straker bao scholcz sakic zetterberg stamkos pm9 p88 kane ts23 ts-23 p92 two piece stick shaft blade combo replacement blade street hockey

    The Straker curve has a deeper curve, but still closed face. Better for players who are shooting more and like an easier toe drags. Close to P88 pattern

    We also have the Scholcz curve, which has an open face. Just to please those who can handle the twist and like their shots to get up in a hurry. That's like a Sakic or P92.


    The Blades:

    For playing on smooth or indoor surfaces. The CTC Crossover ABS Blade is lightweight but strong with hosel reinforcements. 1 layer of fibreglass on the forehand and backhand over an ABS core with wood insert.

    ctc crossover koho ccm abs blade p88 p92 pm9 straker scholcz bao kane stamkos sakic outdoor

    Made with the old school Koho and CCM ABS blades in mind. We missed them so much we went on a quest to bring them back. Customers have been loving these, we think they turned out great. Highly recommend trying them out

    For a rougher surface, the CTC Strong ABS Blade is made with 2 layers of wood and fibreglass reinforcement on the forehand and backhand. The result is a very stiff and beefy ABS Blade that we believe will wear down slower than any of the others.

    A bit heavier than the Crossover, but better value for the roughest courts and streets.


    Both blades are made in the 3 curves: Straker, Bao and Scholcz


    Our plan is to keep providing high quality products that are always available to keep the outdoor games affordable and fun!


    Wanna chat shafts n blades? Have any questions? Ready to order? Send me a message!


  • Our retail shops are closed, but we are giving free gifts with online orders!

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    Free Biscuits, WrapArounds and Targets for a limited time!

    Our retail stores are still temporary closed.

    For the time being we are only operating online due to the uncertainty of the current situation.

    It is a difficult choice, but the best one for the safety of our staff and community.

    As a small business we strongly rely on our foot traffic to keep things rolling, we appreciate your support at our website (www.coasthockeyshop.com).

    Check-out online or send in your order to info@coasthockeyshop.com

    Gifts! Thanks for your online support.

    Orders over will enjoy these Free Bonus Items: 
      $125         - Green Biscuit ($15)
      $250         - Hockey WrapAround ($40)
      $500         - Top Shelf Targets ($80)
      $1000       - Targets, WrapAround, 3 Biscuits ($165)

    We are still around to help you select the right products and ship or deliver in a timely fashion.
    Happy to answer your questions for skating indoors or out.

    Use the Live Chat or Contact Form to ask any questions
    Send in your orders to info@coasthockeyshop.com and we will add the gifts to your shipment!

    Can't wait to get to play and see the hockey family soon!
    Thanks again for your support!

  • 2020 New Konixx Indoor Roller Hockey Wheels: Pure-X, Pulsar and Rebel

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    Konixx had a very strong 2019 at Coast to Coast. The Original Konixx Pure Wheel has been approved by the shop for all indoor surfaces and was easily our most popular wheel last season. The high end grip and speed combined with price-point best durability makes it a no-brainer for beer league players who want to perform. We have been recommending these to a lot of players and have received tons of positive feedback.

    So, when we heard they were replacing the Pure with a new model, we got a bit nervous. This new Pure claiming better grip, speed and durability again?! HOW?!


    New Konixx Pure-X Wheels

    The Konixx Pure-X Wheel is the new high performance dual pour wheel from Konixx. Their NEW U-base4™ urethane formula claims to improve the grip and stiffness of the wheel while extending the window of optimum performance (more durable, grippy for longer). Generally wheels start to lose their mojo after a certain amount of games, will begin to lose grip or split and chunk. We have found most Konixx wheels to go the furthest.

    We believe the hype and expect the Pure-X to be the wheel of 2020.

    Try them out for yourself. There is a wheel hardness for each player size and style. Available now in 80mm and 76mm at +2, +1, +0 hardnesses.

    They dropped the 72mm, 68mm and 59mm, but those sizes will be well served by the Konixx Tachyon and the new Pulsar.

    Konixx Pulsar

    The Konixx Pulsar is a grippy single pour indoor wheel. The new K-Core which adds stiffness and speed, preventing the wheel from over-compressing.

    Aimed at players under 185lbs. Excellent for Youth and lighter adults for indoor on a smooth surface. Available now in 80mm, 76mm, 72mm, 68mm, 59mm at +0 hardness.


    Konixx Rebel

    Aimed for entry level youth players under who need an affordable indoor wheel.  The Konixx Rebel is made with a Single Pour construction and will get you rolling indoor with good control. These will be a step up from the stock indoor/outdoor wheels on the entry level Mission or Bauer Skates.

    Available now in 72mm, 68mm, 59mm at +0 hardness. If you need the bigger sizes just shoot us a message!



    Ask us Anything!

    With so many options on the market, it can be confusing and difficult to get the right wheels. We have been working with a variety of wheels every day for years and would be happy to lend our advice. Email us or message through live chat, tell us about your surface, weight and budget and we can give you our recommendations. Our goal is for you to have the best experience playing roller hockey as possible.

    We don't want to stick anyone with a product that isn't working either, give us your feedback. If you are not loving your wheels... Feeling slow, slippery in turns, breaking down fast.... get in touch with us and we'll figure out how to fix that!

  • Take it outside! Free Outdoor Wheels with all Senior Roller Hockey Skates

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    Free Outdoor Hockey Wheels with all Senior Roller Hockey Skates

    Take it outside! The weather has been nice in Vancouver lately offering some early opportunities to skate outdoors. Lacrosse Boxes, tennis courts and the Sea Wall around Stanley Park are all calling!

    Pick up a new pair of skates for indoor season and we'll install outdoor wheels so you can get cruising right away.

    While Supplies last - All Sr size Skate sales will receive a set of 8 Outdoor Hockey Wheels!

    Click here for Senior Skate options

    Wheels are 86A Red Star Rockets.

    In store or online. Just add the skates to cart, checkout and we will add the correct size wheels with the order.

    Use the contact form if you have any questions or email us at info@coasthockeyshop.com