Vancouver In-Shop Services

Basic Services Advanced Services Skate Tune-Up 

Wheel Rotation
Get the most out of your wheels with a free wheel rotation.

Wheel/Bearing Installation
For that professional touch, come in and have your brand new wheels and bearings installed.

Stick Height Adjustments
A wood-specific hacksaw, graphite-specific table saw, and a selection of stick plugs, we can help you tweak your stick.

Heat Services
With our variable-temperature heat guns, all your heat needs from blade removal/installation to spot-heating your skate is an easy fix.

Skate Bake
Ease the break-in pain with our skate-specific oven.  Modern skates are designed to be heat-moldable without reducing the durability and lifespan of your boot.

Rivet Replacements
$2 Per Rivet
Includes removal of old rivet and installation of replacement.


Stripped Bolt/Screw Extraction
For the troublesome screws and bolts, our drilling rig will get your chassis in functional shape again.

Bearing Cleaning
$25 per set of 16
A quick de-grease, debris removal, and lubrication service to get those bearings rolling at super-speed again.

For the player looking to breathe new life into their workhorse skates, our skate-tune up service is there to get your trusty jets in game condition again.
Includes the following services:

Skate, Wheel, Bearing and Frame Wipe-Down

Wheel Rotation

Bearing Re-Lube

Skate Check-Up

Rivet and Frame Evaluation

Brand New Waxed or Unwaxed Laces

* All basic services are free of charge for products purchased in our store.
** Skate may require more labour than service pricing entails, skate staff will notify you of any outlying problems.
*** All prices in Canadian Dollars, and are subject to Taxes.