• 15 holiday hockey gift ideas for roller or inline players. including biscuits, balls, gloves, skate tools, bearings or other things players would love to find in their stocking this season. we're in vancouver BC Canada
  • Great deals on roller hockey skates for black friday at coast to coast hockey shop in vancouver. free abs blade with true or ctc shaft, free green biscuits with wraparound and more!

Tis Always the Season

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Since 2008 Coast to Coast has offered Canada's widest selection of outdoor and indoor roller hockey supplies. Providing top of the line quality as well as good bang for the buck products we use and believe in. Want a custom skate setup or any other requests? Contact the roller gear nerds for honest advice in a jiffy!

We have Inline Hockey skates for all shapes and sizes from Mission, Bauer, Alkali, Tour. Konixx, Labeda, Revision, Rink Rat Wheels. Shafts and ABS Blades from True, Fischer, CTC, Sher-Wood. Green Biscuits, Pucks, Balls, Rollerfly and anything else that matters for roller!