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Konixx had a very strong 2019 at Coast to Coast. The Original Konixx Pure Wheel has been approved by the shop for all indoor surfaces and was easily our most popular wheel last season. The high-end grip and speed combined with price-point best durability make it a no-brainer for beer league players who want to perform. We have been recommending these to a lot of players and have received tons of positive feedback.

So, when we heard they were replacing the Pure with a new model, we got a bit nervous. This new Pure claiming better grip, speed, and durability again?! HOW?!


New Konixx Pure-X Wheels

The Konixx Pure-X Wheel is the new high performance dual pour wheel from Konixx. Their NEW U-base4™ urethane formula claims to improve the grip and stiffness of the wheel while extending the window of optimum performance (more durable, grippy for longer). Generally wheels start to lose their mojo after a certain amount of games, will begin to lose grip or split and chunk. We have found most Konixx wheels to go the furthest.

We believe the hype and expect the Pure-X to be the wheel of 2020.

Try them out for yourself. There is a wheel hardness for each player size and style. Available now in 80mm and 76mm at +2, +1, +0 hardnesses.

They dropped the 72mm, 68mm and 59mm, but those sizes will be well served by the Konixx Tachyon and the new Pulsar.

Konixx Pulsar

The Konixx Pulsar is a grippy single pour indoor wheel. The new K-Core which adds stiffness and speed, preventing the wheel from over-compressing.

Aimed at players under 185lbs. Excellent for Youth and lighter adults for indoor on a smooth surface. Available now in 80mm, 76mm, 72mm, 68mm, 59mm at +0 hardness.


Konixx Rebel

Aimed for entry level youth players under who need an affordable indoor wheel.  The Konixx Rebel is made with a Single Pour construction and will get you rolling indoor with good control. These will be a step up from the stock indoor/outdoor wheels on the entry level Mission or Bauer Skates.

Available now in 72mm, 68mm, 59mm at +0 hardness. If you need the bigger sizes just shoot us a message!



Ask us Anything!

With so many options on the market, it can be confusing and difficult to get the right wheels. We have been working with a variety of wheels every day for years and would be happy to lend our advice. Email us or message through live chat, tell us about your surface, weight and budget and we can give you our recommendations. Our goal is for you to have the best experience playing roller hockey as possible.

We don't want to stick anyone with a product that isn't working either, give us your feedback. If you are not loving your wheels... Feeling slow, slippery in turns, breaking down fast.... get in touch with us and we'll figure out how to fix that!