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There are a lot of products out there and it can be tough to decide on new gear for a new sport(especially online)  In an effort to help the parents out we are doing a little write up on our current selection of kids gear to explain the differences.

This might get a bit long... if you want to save yourself time or if you still need help - use the Contact page to let us know about your situation and we'll point you in the right direction as best as we can. You can help by figuring and sending us: a measurement of feet in CM, waist size, player height and desired budget (entry level or performance) we can go from there!


Junior / Youth Inline Hockey Skates

Smallest sizes, Youth (7-13), to larger Junior sizes (1-5.5)

Skates will usually fit 1 size down from shoe size.

Previous season / Discounted models will have random sizes available, unlikely we will be able to get more. Current season skates we should be able to get more of.

High End / Performance Skates (+$300)

You'll get a much stiffer boot, with better comfort, protection in the tongue and great quality Indoor wheels and bearings. Good for the player who is used to a high end boot, will be playing a high level or multiple times per week.

Bauer Vapor XR600 Skates - Narrow fit

Mission Inhaler NLS3 Skates - Wide fit



Entry level / Beginner / Intermediate ($139-$199)

Good support for beginner skaters, starter indoor wheels and smooth bearings. Good for nearly all Junior players playing indoor or outdoor hockey.

Junior sizes

Mission Inhaler NLS5 Skates - This season's model - Widest Fit

Mission Inhaler DS5 Skates - Last season's model - Discounted

Mission Inhaler DS6 - Last season's model - Discounted

Bauer Vapor X400R - Last season's model - Narrowest fit - Discounted



Youth sizes ($119+)

Youth skates come with Outdoor wheels - Highly recommend Indoor wheels if they'll be used indoor. Customers are eligible for 25% off wheels when you purchase skates. Available in shop, or contact us to redeem.

Bauer Vapor XR300 Youth Skates - This season's model

Bauer Vapor X300R Youth Skates - Last season's model. (Discounted)

Mission Inhaler NLS6 Youth Skates - This season - Slightly wider fit than Bauer


Adjustable skates ($79-119+)

The more affordable 'adjustable skates' are good for the lightest of skaters, involved in the most beginner levels of hockey. We find the fixed size skates to offer a much better fit and performance. Especially if it's a big kid. 

Alkali RPD Lite Adjustable Skate

Verbero Powerplay Inline Adjustable Skate


Junior / Youth Roller Girdles

Instead of the Ice Hockey Pants and Socks combo, Inline players will lean towards lightweight Girdle and Roller Hockey Pants which offer a much lighter setup for the hot summer days. 

"Hockey Shorts" style:

Mission Core Girdle - Best Coverage - Thicker Tailbone Foam - a bit Bulky

Alkali RPD Quantum Girdle - Thinner foams, lighter, cheaper, better mobility, less protective


"Form fitting" style

CCM 110 Girdle - Junior - Not as much coverage, but a plastic reinforced tailbone protector


Junior Inline Hockey Pants

Bauer Vapor X40R Pants - Most popular pant, good colours, durability and fit.

Mission Inhaler DS4 Pants - Good fit, light weight, thinner materials (less durability)

Mission AC4 Pants- Most Affordable / Very Wide flowy legs



Make sure to get the appropriate wheel for your surface. Smooth Indoor surfaces need soft Indoor wheels. Rough outdoor surfaces need a harder wheel.

Don't use an indoor wheel outside, or an outdoor wheel inside. The Indoor wheel will get shredded outdoor and not perform on smooth surfaces. Outdoor wheels will grip great on the street or asphalt, but slippery on smooth indoor surfaces. If you'll be skating indoor and outdoor, the ideal solution is having a set of indoor and outdoor wheels, each with a set of their own bearings and spacers, to make the swap a lot quicker.

Indoor Wheels

Performance - Konixx Wheels (Pure / Electron) - High end wheels, extra grippy, fast and durable.

Value - Labeda Grippers (Soft / X-Soft, 59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm, 80mm) Best balance of performance, durability and price. Quality Grip and rebound.

Outdoor Wheels

Revision / Hi-Lo Clinger Wheels - Longest lasting outdoor wheel. Available in Senior and Junior sizes


Tron Mega Hz Indoor - Good range of sizes in an affordable wheel

Bearings - Bones are our favourite, but if you need a cheap set for outdoor wheels - we have good stock on Tron Abec 9 and Tron Swiss Lites at a reduced rate.

Spacers - Standard spacers (required to fit the bearings to the skate axles) are $1 each.



I hope this helps - but if you are more confused than before - give us a shout! Use the contact form, share some details and we'll be in touch pretty quick.