Smarthockey MAXX Shooting, Training & Street Hockey Pucks 10oz, 6oz, 4oz

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The Smarthockey MAXX Shooting Pucks are the newest addition to the Smarthockey Training Systems used by top pro, collegiate and junior players across North America and Europe. The Puck was developed to use on a shooting board to improve a player’s overall shooting speed and accuracy. Our puck features a proprietary super slick outer shell that slides on a shooting board as fast as a puck slides on ice so a player is forced to maintain the same shooting rhythm/tempo even though the puck is heavier.  

GUARANTEED TO MAKE YOUR SHOT HARDER IN 30 DAYS: We are so confident in the MAXX puck technology that we are offering a 100% Money Back Guarantee.  If you shoot 100 MAXX pucks every day for 30 days and you don’t see a significant improvement in your shot speed and accuracy, simply contact us, send the pucks back, and we’ll refund your money.

STRONGER FOREARMS AND WRISTS FOR A HARDER, QUICKER SHOT AND BETTER ACCURACY: Have you ever seen a picture of Gordie Howe’s forearms? Or how about Rick Nash’s, Ovechkin’s or Teemu Selanne’s forearms?  They all look like Popeye after he’s eaten spinach and they could all fire the puck. You want a wrist shot as hard as theirs? Then you have to work at it.  100 shots every day with our 10oz MAXX Puck every day and we guarantee you’ll see an improvement.

2X THE WEIGHT AS AN ICE HOCKEY PUCK: At an actual weight of 10.7 oz the Smarthockey MAXX Puck feels 2X the weight of an ice hockey puck. Just like swinging a bat with a bat weight on it, when you shoot our MAXX puck and then shoot an ice hockey puck, the hockey puck feels light as a feather.  Shoot our puck 100 times a day for 30 days and an ice hockey puck will always feel light and your shot will look like a rocket to opposing goalies.

ALL NEW SUPER SLICK OUTER SHELL MADE FOR SPECIFICALLY FOR SHOOTING BOARDS:  The trick to our MAXX puck isn’t just the weight, it’s also the outer shell which is a proprietary plastic that was engineered to slide on a shooting board as fast as a puck slides on ice.  As a result, players are forced to maintain the same rhythm and tempo with their wrists, hands, arms and body weight transfer to shoot the MAXX puck which translates to shooting a hockey puck on the ice.  As a result, players see a dramatic increase in their shot speed and accuracy.   



The Smarthockey 6oz Original Training Puck helps players develop a “feel” for the puck and super “soft” hands for better stickhandling, shooting and passing. The patented “Stay Flat” dynamic core technology is the only hockey training puck engineered to accurately simulate the weight, bounce, slide and contact height of an ice hockey puck so players can transition from off-ice training to on-ice play without noticing a difference. The “Stay Flat” core technology features a 5-piece counteractive ballast which ensures the puck will replicate the action of a puck on ice. The 1-piece cut resistant outer Surlyn shell compresses the same way a rubber ice hockey puck does on impact so players can shoot this puck as hard as they want without fear of it breaking it. At 5.6 ounces (159 grams), the physics considers the “incremental weight” caused by the friction of off-ice training surfaces simulating the weight of a 6 oz puck. The inertia of the inner ballast combined with the Surlyn shell slides as quickly as a puck slides on an analogous ice surface and mimics the “dull” bounce of a puck’s vulcanized rubber. And finally since the Smarthockey Stickhandling & Shooting Puck is one-piece, has the same shape and has the same diamond knurling as an ice hockey puck (vs. other 2-piece off-ice pucks) it feels exactly like a puck when stickhandling, shooting or passing. Warm up before games and practices or train in your garage, basement, on a tennis court, basketball court, paved street or driveway. As the name suggests, it’s the only puck players can use for stickhandling, shooting and passing drills.

ALL NEW STICKHANDLING & SHOOTING HOCKEY TRAINING PUCK: After launching the original Smarthockey Training Ball in 2001, it took us almost 17 years to introduce a puck that lived up to the Smarthockey name.  The all new Smarthockey Training Puck with patented “Stay Flat” dynamic core technology is the only off-ice training puck that matches the weight, bounce, slide, height and feel of a 6 oz ice hockey puck.

DEVELOP SUPER "SOFT" HANDS AND UNMATCHED "FEEL" FOR THE PUCK: Have you ever played against someone so good it was as if the puck was on a string? Have you ever heard the expression "his hands were as soft as pillows"? That only happens because of thousands of hours of practice. The Smarthockey Training Puck allows you to workout or warm up on any hard, smooth surface so you can develop super "soft" hands and a "feel" for the puck for stick handling, shooting and passing.

ONLY HOCKEY TRAINING PUCK DURABLE ENOUGH FOR STICKHANDLING AND  SHOOTING: There are pucks that slide well for stickhandling but you can’t shoot them, and there are pucks that you can shoot and pass but they don’t slide well.  We developed a puck using the same cut resistant Surlyn we use in our Smarthockey Training Ball that slides like a puck on ice but is durable enough to be shot against a cement wall (if you can’t hit the net).

PATENTED “STAY FLAT” DYNAMIC CORE TECHNOLOGY: When Smarthockey decided to develop a training puck, we wanted to engineer a technology that kept the puck flat no matter how rough the practice surface.  After almost two years of prototyping different technologies, we designed a 5-piece internal ballast that worked so well we are thinking about introducing it to ice hockey pucks. It was also so novel that we were awarded another patent.

SAME WEIGHT, BOUNCE, SLIDE, HEIGHT & FEEL AS AN ICE HOCKEY PUCK: The Smarthockey Training Puck has the exact dimensions, the same “dead” bounce and was engineered to feel like a 6 oz. ice hockey puck.  If you want to see how close it is to stickhandling a puck on ice, try our puck for 5 minutes on smooth cement right before you go on the ice. Then use it to warm up before every game and practice like you’re supposed to.



The Smarthockey 4oz Slider Speed Puck helps players develop lightning-quick, soft hands.  

Warm-up before games and practices or train in your garage, basement, on a tennis court, basketball court, paved street or driveway. 

DEVELOP LIGHTNING QUICK, PILLOW SOFT HANDS: Smarthockey developed the 6oz Original puck for feel, the 12oz MAXX puck for strength and the 4oz Slider for speed. The 4oz Slider is basically the puck version of our 3oz Mini ball. Use it before games and practices to warm up. Or train with it in your garage, basement or on any flat hard surface to work on puck extension, quick side-to-side, puck rotation, toe drags and dekes to see major improvement on your hand speed and feel.

WHERE'S THE BEEF (OR VULCANIZED RUBBER)?: Remember the Wendy's commercials in the mid 80's? Probably not, but the point is our Slider has a patent pending, vulcanized rubber 'patty' that sits between the two sliding disks (kind of like a hamburger - get it?). Vulcanized rubber is the same material used to make an ice hockey puck, so the Slider has the same 'dead' feel of a puck with the added benefit of protecting our nylon sliders making our puck way more durable than the competition.

SLIDES AS FAST AS A PUCK ON ICE: Whether you are training on smooth concrete, on the street or in your basement, you'll be amazed at how fast and smooth the Slider glides. So, if you are practicing 'puck extension' or 'long toe drags' your hands will become super quick. The secret is our 'floating' nylon sliders and patty combined with the puck's weight. The puck's super fast sliders and 4oz weight helps the puck accelerate as you stickhandle.

WARM UP BEFORE GAMES OR PRACTICES; TRAIN ANYWHERE, ANYTIME: When you use the Smarthockey Slider in combination with original Smarthockey Training Puck for 5 minutes before games and practices you're increasing the amount of time you'll touch the puck on the ice by an almost 15X. Using the pucks together will develop your hand speed and muscle memory.

BETTER THAN A BISCUIT: We used to train with a Russian skills instructor named Dr. Yasha Smuskin. He'd always say, 'To be the best, just do everything best player does and then a little bit more'. The Biscuit is great, but it has two major flaws - it doesn't feel like a puck and it breaks. The Slider does everything the Biscuit does, but our rubber 'patty' makes it feel like a puck and it's way more durable. It's the best training puck for developing lightning quick hands on the market! 


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