We will be hosting a fun and challenging outdoor roller hockey tournament at the end of the NSIHL season. We'll be playing 3 on 3 Mini Rink Skill games, shooting at fun to hit targets using a ball. This will be a very relaxed, non contact game to introduce indoor players to the outdoor facilities that are plentiful and accessible year round!

The entry fee includes a set of most durable 8 Revision or CTC Outdoor Wheels that allow skating outside for months and a Hockey WrapAround Ice blade protector so you can train with your indoor or ice stick outside. 


Location: Inter River Park

Time: TBD

Registration Deadline: TBD

Rosters: Assigned by stick toss. Team name decided by created team.

Mandatory Equipment: Helmets, Gloves, Shin Pads (Soccer ok)




Entry fee:

Individual needs outdoor gear  $99 - Includes 8 Outdoor Wheels and 1 Hockey WrapAround Ice ($99 value! Get Geared up and play for free!)

Individual with gear $20 - If you have your own appropriate wheels and bearings

Family Rate (2 or more players) $89 / $19



3 on 3 - Mini Rinks / Half Court 


  • Surface will be rough asphalt. Use appropriate Outdoor wheels and stick. Indoor wheels or stick can be used, but will lose ability to use well for indoor purposes.
  • Games will be played with a ball (liquid filled, Mylec G-Force or Franklin AGS)

Prizes: Gift Cards for Coast to Coast, Top Shelf Targets, Awards

Game Length: 10-15 minutes per mini game.


Outdoor Game Styles

MINI RINK 1: Top Shelf Targets (V2)

These are round, colourful plastic targets that magnetically clip to the metal frame of a hockey net. The 6" or 8" targets are a challenge to hit at first, but will improve your focus and aim quickly. A good hit will pop them off the magnets and fall to the ground. Very satisfying!

Game: 4-8 Targets are set up in a net (Defence chooses locations)

First team to knock down all targets with the ball wins. Or, team that hits most targets by end of time wins. All hits that knock targets to the ground count, from the front or back, even double hits (two targets hit with one shot). 


MINI RINK 2: Quidditch 

These hoops are 9-10" in diameter with a closed net that attached to goal posts. The hinge action snaps back to absorb heavy shots. A bit easier to hit than the Top Shelf Targets, but very satisfying to hit those pockets. 

Game: 2-4 Quidditch Hoops are set up per net

First team to hit 5 pockets wins. Or, most pockets hit by end of game time wins.

Ball MUST settle in the pocket to be counted as a hit. In + Outs do NOT count.

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