Ongoing Offers:

Trade in your used inline hockey skates for a credit of up to $100+ towards new skates

Roller hockey skates should not cause pain. Trade in your skates for a good fit, maximize your performance and fun!

If you have a bad fit in your skates and experiencing discomfort or instability: too long, too narrow, too wide, etc. We want them! We'll valuate them and offer you a credit towards a properly fitted pair of roller hockey skates!

Bring them down to the shop, we'll inspect and give you a value.

If you have good boots but want to upgrade to the latest and greatest, or just want a fresh pair, we can take your skates and give you a larger credit. Even if you have a random size that's been sitting in your closet we'll offer a credit.

We will either find them a new home or keep the chassis and other skate hardware to do repairs.


Skate Restrictions:

  • -Inline hockey skates
  • -clear of cobwebs + spiders
  • -'skateable' - unless they have quality frames or other hardware we can use.
  • -probably only 1 pair of skates accepted per skate purchase (may make exceptions if they are good skates)


Approximate Value* for trade in's: 


$20 Pity Credit - Bring us anything...
Older than 10 years (Old Hi-Lo (72/80)
$40 Hockey skates with 2 piece chassis
$60 Skates with 1 piece extruded Chassis
$80 Skates with 1 piece CNC Chassis
$100+ Skates with Carbon outsole, Magnesium or Kryptonium chassis


*We will have the final say on value once we are able to inspect the skates in person. We can't accept skates with broken frames, outsoles or weak boots. Maybe a pity credit, if you are in need. Additional credit would be considered if the boots are in excellent shape or the wheels and bearings are great. 


Not able to get to the shop?

Send us photos of the skates from the front, back, the bottom and both sides. We will let you know the value! You can ship the used boots to us, we will issue you a credit for the skates and $15 for shipping once we receive and inspect them in the shop. We'll work with you to get the right size, even if it takes a couple deliveries.


Year Round In-Shop Promos 

10% off a set of wheels when you purchase skates

20% off when you buy 2 or more one-piece (composite, abs or wood) sticks.

20% off a blade when you buy a new shaft

$5 off Hockey WrapAround if you purchase a composite stick


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