• Howie’s High Quality Hockey Sock and Stick Tape – New In-Store!

    Posted by Jeremy Edjan

    New to the shop here at Coast to Coast Hockey is our favourite brand of hockey tape – Howie’s!  Made from a higher-quality, thicker cloth composition which improves the durability and performance of your tape job, Howie’s is a premium offering for an often-overlooked aspect of our equipment.

    Available in Black and White, in 1-inch and 1.5-inch widths (perfect for roller hockey players who only use the single strip along the bottom of the blade face), Howie’s tape comes in rolls with 50% more tape on, equating to effectively the same cost-per-yard when compared to regular hockey tape.  But with the greater durability and performance, you’re doubling the lifespan of your tape and saving a couple bucks per roll as you go.

    We here at the shop have been using the tape for a while and have been thoroughly impressed with the durability of the tape.  It offers a better friction surface to improve control over the puck, while the denser cloth composition offered a bit of vibration dampening properties, which helped receiving harder passes or blocking stiffer shots.  Furthermore, the improved texture and durability helped produced a better gripping butt-end and knob without the palm-wear typically associated with poor-quality adhesives.

    Take a look at the new Howies High Quality Hockey tape and more here at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop, located in Vancouver, BC - with worldwide shipping at Canadian prices!