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The Rollerfly Goalie Slide Plates are a hot product in our shop because we are always excited to tell goalies about this game changer.  Designed to provide a low-friction, wear-resistant sliding layer of ball bearings between the goalie's pads and the playing surface; the Rollerfly plates allow a ball or roller hockey goaltender a full range of mobility, allowing the goalie to utilize all the save and recovery techniques that come with the butterfly style - providing a decisive advantage over the typical goaltending setup in these sports.  

The Rollerfly slide plate is built from a highly durable, lightweight impact plastic; embedded with a large score of ball bearings which provide the low-friction environment for the goaltender's lateral slides.  The entire set comprises of a 4-piece plate setup, with 2 plates with adjustable strapping, designed for a universal fit among many different brands and models of leg pads between sizes 32" to 38".  The ball-bearings are replaceable and interchangeable, allowing for the plates to be adapted to any playing surface and durability requirement the player might have - effectively a fully serviceable, adaptive performance layer.


A full range of motion allows for the Rollerfly goaltender to perform all the techniques usually associated with the Butterfly Style of goaltending.  With players all over the globe, stemming from a range of goaltending disciplines finding success with the Rollerfly plates; the near-ice-like feel and friction of these slide plates are unmatched on the market.


From short-distance cross-crease motions, to multiple-push tracking saves, the Rollerfly has proven to be a responsive, high-performance addition to a standard ball or roller hockey goaltender's setup.  The pads add another dimension and allow for a goaltender's techniques to be transferable across all three types of hockey.

Where the Rollerfly plates excel the most is in its low-friction ball-bearing design.  Goaltenders have reported a near-ice-like sliding environment that maximizes energy transfer through each push and stride, aiding recovery time and giving goaltenders that extra edge to beat a shooter with controlled speed.

Fatigue reduction
Nearly every goalie who makes the leap report a lot less fatigue and wear in the knees and body after games on concrete or tile. This is so important for attracting new goalies to the sport and sustaining the pleasure in the game for the veterans. Goalies reporting that they are playing back to back games when previously were only able to play once a week. 

Make that Save
The Rollerfly inline and ball hockey goalie slide plates are the next step in improving performance throughout your game.  Whether used as a training tool, or as an additional piece of equipment to gain an advantage in the game, these slide plates are a proven performer that has found its place with goalies in all levels of the sport.  Take a look in-store or visit us online at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop today!

New stock of black and white Rollerfly due in by July 18th.  Pre-orders ship free! Email to preorder.

Feedback from our Customers
We reached out to our Rollerfly customers to ask how their experience was:

Shaun reported on the quality:

The equipment was average quality and many of the straps broke during the first season with a young goalie.  We found the price didn’t meet the quality of the equipment.

On the mobility and if the goalie would play without Rollerfly:

They definitely made moving in the crease way better and the goalie would not play without them. We did find a way of making it work but we had to create new straps and ties. 

Our response:

Agreed, we have heard of the straps breaking occasionaly and a lot of goalies finding improved ways of securing the product to different pads using hockey laces or Velcro. We're glad you made it work and the goalie will continue to use them! Thank you for your feedback, we've added a few tips to our Rollerfly product page to make others aware that more strapping is a good idea and will pass this on to the company.


Brian had to say:

Our son loves his Rollerfly slide plates! It didn't take him very long to get used to them and in no time he was sliding to make saves that he normally may not have been able to. The ability to move laterally is such an advantage. He also found that they have relieved a lot of the abuse his lower body was taking from having to jump around trying to make saves. Now he slides side to side with ease. We're glad we purchased them for him and would definitely recommend them to anyone wanting to take their game to the next level. 

And he included some sweet action photos:

Our response:

Thanks Brian! So excited your son is feeling the benefits. 


Finally, Per continued to pile on the praise:

Niklas has used the Rollerfly for a few weeks now, and loved them from day one. He wasn't keen to even try them, but after only one game he was saying he wished he had got them years ago ... With the Rollerfly I think more ice goalies will be keen to play inline too ... helps you slide ... but is also reduced the impact and stress on the knees. Niklas played with the NSIHL Bantam Zulu team in the NARCh finals in San Jose in June, where the team won the Bantam Platinum division, and Niklas won Best Goalie. Now off to play for Team Canada U18 next week in Los Angeles. 

Then included an awesome photo:

Our response:

Enough said. Goalies without Rollerfly are missing out!


Visit from the inventor
The inventor of Rollerfly, Io, was visiting Vancouver recently and stopped by the shop to meet and chat. We learned about the history of the product, some exciting future developments and that more stock of White and Black are on the way soon, so hang tight!

Great to meet Io and the family. Thanks so much for taking the time to see us!