Posted by Jeremy Edjan

The newest additions to the wheel line-up offered here at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop are the Konixx lines of inline hockey wheels.  We pride ourselves on having some of the widest selections of wheels in Canada, right here in our home-grown Vancouver, BC store!

Designed by hockey players, for hockey players, Konixx strives to create some of the best roller hockey wheel at player-friendly prices.  We’re excited to have them in stock and to be able to continue to offer players the widest range of wheels available, so every player will find their needs filled.  Let’s take a first look at Konixx’s lines.

Konixx Pure
At the top end of their spectrum, the Konixx Pure wheel is the no-compromise, performance-focused model from the three.  Designed for spectacular speed and balance through a harder construction than comparable high-end wheels, the Pure wheel compliments that with great traction and solid grip for a pro-level control and stability through every stride, start, and stop.  The Pure wheel’s harder construction improves durability, making it one of best in class for longevity, all while housed in a lightweight, organic urethane build.  The Konixx pure comes in three stiffness ratings (0, +1, and +2) to optimize the hardness of choice to better accommodate weight and skating style.

Konixx Electron
A fresh take on the mid-tier wheel, the Konixx Electron wheel debuted at NARCh West this year as Konixx’s reimagining of their performance-value balanced wheel.  An incredibly lightweight, but superbly dense wheel thanks to their Ultralight Core technology, the Electron wheel was coming in at just a handful of grams lighter than an equivalent hardness and size Labeda Addiction (often cited as a gold standard for indoor performance wheels), all while being a solid wheel.  The result is a balanced blend durability and performance, while retaining Konixx’s signature Tile-tack formula for great traction and stability.

Konixx Catalyst
A great value option while still seeing the technology of higher-end Konixx wheels trickle down, the Konixx Catalyst hockey wheel is built with a single-pour urethane construction, balanced with the weight-saving and structural support of the Speed Hub.  The result is a durable, grippy wheel with a solid speed structure.  As with the other wheels in Konixx’s lineup, it features additives in the urethane as part of their Tile-tack formula that improves the grip and control the wheels bring to the table, for those quick starts and stops.

Pair your brand new Konixx wheels with Konixx' Pro and Elite Bearings.  Swiss performance in a standard 608 hub, these bearings have excellent performance at their price points.  Finally, complete the Konixx swag box with one of their Squeeze Water Bottles - a high-quality replacement for the ever-loved Gatorade bottles.

Come into the store and check out the new Konixx wheels and more; online and on-location here at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop.