Posted by Jeremy Edjan

Fresh off the press are the spec sheets for Bauer’s inline product line-up for 2017.  With updates and improvement across the board, we’re here to give you a first look at Bauer’s new top-of-the-line skate offering – the Bauer Vapor 1XR Inline Skate. 


The Vapor Family - Fit and Finish

The Bauer 1XR brings back the popular Vapor family fit profile, with a narrow forefoot and a tapered fit through to the heel.  Bauer’s patented X-Rib design and Curv Composite quarter package come back to provide excellent stiff, lightweight skate that has an incredible amount of heat-moldability and structural stiffness to provide a highly customized wrap, while retaining a pro-preferred level of support and durability throughout the boot.


The tried-and-true Kryptonium Hi-Lo Chassis and Revision Flex wheels are attached to a full-composite outsole to provide the skater with that familiar aggressive pitch and grip, providing that speed and stability through every stride and turn.  This is one of our favourite set-ups here in-store as we’ve found that it really dials in that blend of speed and agility due to the high energy transfer in the outsole and frame.  Hi-Lo Swiss bearings and memory foam comfort and ankle pads round out the skate, with all the touches Vapor users have become accustomed to.


Flex, Lock and Pro Fit – The Upgrades and New Tech

Bauer updated the Vapor family up and down the line-up with new tech and improvements built around three key concepts – flex, lock, and fit.  The upgrades are most evident on the 1XR skate, and had us shop boys really excited to see them in person.


The Flex-Lock Pro Tongue is a new slow-molding Flex-Orb metatarsal guard that improves the flexibility and wrap of the Pro Felt tongue; providing an incredible amount of protection using a hex-cell Flex-Orb smart material, while locking in the foot deep in the skate and allowing a greater range of motion due to improved forward flex.  This was one component to the skate that we were really intrigued by, as Bauer’s Flex-Orb material is found in a great deal of Bauer’s protective equipment lines with great success, and its first appearance on a skate in the form of an improved metatarsal guard was an inspired use of the smart foam.


This is complimented with the Lock-Fit Pro Facing lacing system.  An update on Bauer’s injection-molded lacing bar, the Lock-Fit Pro lacing system is improved with impact-rubber reinforcements in every eyelet to improve lace lock, while a softer flex composition allows for a greater degree of wrap around the top of the foot, while reducing the forward-flex inhibition that standard eyelet systems tend to cause.


Finally, the Lock-Fit Pro Liner is a high-grip, hydrophobic liner that improves heel lock and reduces foot slippage by keeping the foot dry throughout the game; all while textured to really maximize the wrap and hold the liner has around the foot.  When coupled with the highly-thermoformable Curv Composite boot, and the new tongue and lacing system, Bauer has clearly built their new skate around a secure, customized wrap that will benefit every player through improved fit and energy transfer.


With the new Bauer Vapor 1XR Inline Skate releasing this Fall, we’re excited to bring you Bauer’s new line-up and more; here at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop - a Vancouver-grown indie shop, with Canada-wide shipping.