Posted by sean @ CTCHS

Handful of new hardware to fit a wide variety of roller hockey skates now in the shop and online!



Turbo-lock Threadocker (Loctite alternative)


We had a lot of requests for a type of threadlocker in the shop from players experiencing some loose axles. At first glance, that Loctite stuff is pricey! After doing some research we learned there is a much cheaper alternative that does the trick. Meet Turbo-lock Threadlocker!




We now have some big containers in the shop we use to give your skates a treatment. Or, we have some handy but small, single or double use tubes (2ml) you can order that has enough juice to get a drop or two on each axle. You can find them in the Skate Hardware section.



Sonic Skate tools and Extender axles


I put this off for too long, but finally we are restocked with some fine products from Sonic Sports! I've had a Sonic Pro Skate tool in my bag for the past 5 years or more and love it. I've broken a ton of other tools in that time but the Sonic tools have proven to be rock solid.



Available in 3 versions. The Sonic Pro Skate tool, Gripz and Gripz 2. They all have their own unique features to make your life servicing your skates a breeze.


Having trouble finding some Axles / Screws for an older skate? Try out the Sonic Extender axles which fit any skate using 6mm axles.


Two versions, one with a square head, to fit most newer Mission, Bauer or Alkali skates. The other version has two round heads and fits a majority of skates. Each kit comes with 8 axles, 8 screws and 8 spacers.



CCM / Reebok Skate hardware


For those with CCM or Reebok Skates with that hard to find nut and axle - we have a handful of CCM / Reebok Axle / Nut Spacer Skate Hardware kits!

Each kit contains 8 axles, 8 nuts, 8 spacers and 1 skate tool.




We'll be receiving some new kits for the CCM Tacks and Jetspeed skates soon as well!



Bauer Skate Bake Oven


Last but not least we finally received our Bauer Skate Oven! Free skate baking for all... until I decide to start charging for it! Great way to get that custom fit right out of the box and ease the break in period on those stiff high end skates.




No worries if you didn't buy your skates here. Just shoot us an email ahead of time and schedule an appointment with us and we can try our best to make your skates work!