Posted by sean @ CTCHS

A few new ball / street hockey chest protectors available in the shop!


CCM 100 Street Hockey Goalie Chest Protector


Lightweight with good coverage, the CCM 100 Chest Protector is a good option for street / ball hockey goalies looking for decent level of protection without the bulk of some high end protectors. These have a hard molded plastic elbow cap for some extra protection when you are rolling around in the crease.




There are a few elastic straps that allow for a snug fit without restricting movement. The CCM 100 Street / Ball Hockey Chest Protector is available in Sr and Jr models.



Bauer Street Hockey Chest and Arm Protector


The Bauer Street Chest and Arm Protector is lightweight, comfortable and protective. Dense, ventilated foams along the chest, torso reduce the impact to a minimum while keeping the goalie cool.




The pads have a few adjustable elastic straps to get a custom fit and the hard plastic shoulder and elbow caps give a bit more substantial protection in important areas. The Bauer Street Chest and Arm protectors are available in Jr and Sr models.