Posted by sean @ CTCHS

I hear the term 'revolution' a lot when referring to new hockey products. It's rare for a new piece of equipment to impact the game so much to use that word genuinely. But the more I see from this new product, I believe it is justified, Rollerfly by Hit Hockey is living up to the hype and is changing the way inline and ball hockey goalies can play.


Rollerfly is a four piece set of hard plastic plates with ball bearings for goalies to slide around on indoor surfaces, similar to an ice hockey goalie sliding on ice. this allows for the goalie to slide across the crease and make saves that were extremely difficult or not even possible.



This product will offer a distinct advantage to goalies that wear this product to goalies that do not. You will need to allow time to adjust to a slightly new style of movement, but it will be worth the effort.




They have been approved for use at most tournaments and leagues now after a bit of confusion. Rollerfly's facebook page is often churning out new photos of winning tournament team photos, most goalies sporting their new invention.


There has been a good amount of development in the player equipment, now its nice to see something different for the goalies. I believe the Rollerfly era is beginning and goalies will soon be wondering how they played without them.


Some goalies are reporting not only can they make saves that wouldn't be possible without, the impact when dropping down is greatly reduced, resulting in a lot less wear and tear on the joints. Bonus!


Love this product, highly recommended for all goalies playing on smooth surfaces! Check out Rollerfly, available in Black or White at the shop and online.