Posted by sean @ CTCHS

For those players who like to reduce or prevent some bumps and bruises that can occur during a game, you may want to check out some different types of wrist guards.

I've been thinking about gaps in protection lately. As a tall, thin player, equipment fitting can be interesting. I'm often split compromising proper fit for a good level of protection. Meaning, I can either wear small gloves for good mobility and control but leaving with my wrists wide open for a slash, OR, I can wear bigger gloves, protecting my forearms better, but reducing mobility and comfort in my hands and wrists. Perhaps wrist guards are a solution!

There were two styles of wrist guards available that caught my eye, I wanted to check them both out to decide which might work best.


EvoShield Wrist / Slash Guards - Shock 'Dispersion'


The EvoShield Wrist / Slash Guards had been on my radar for a while. EvoShield's "Gel to Shell" technology offers a low profile (1/4" thick) shell that starts as gel, but once the package is opened, it hardens within 15-20 minutes to form into a rock-solid piece of armour on your wrist. Creating a custom fit that is lightweight and provides good coverage.



This style of guard disperses impact. As in, when you are slashed, the weight of the impact is spread out evenly along the surface area of the shell and your skin which greatly reduces the amount of pressure you feel at the point of impact.


The shell fits inside a washable Neoprene sleeve that is comfortable and stays in place.



Bauer Elite Flexorb Padded Wrist / Slash Guards - Shock 'Absorption'


Poron is one of the latest materials being used in the protection industry aimed at being an upgrade or working with standard EVA or HD foams. This foam is soft and flexible to the touch like a gel, but hardens to a solid when struck to absorb up to 90% of impact. There are a ton of videos on youtube showing how this material eats shock for breakfast.



Bauer is starting to use this material in it's protective gear, including the new Supreme lineup, some base layers and the Bauer Elite Padded Wrist Guards. The foam padding sits along the sleeve in segments that move with you.


The guards use Bauers 37.5 technology on the sleeve for a high level of moisture wicking and evaporation to keep you cool and comfortable.


And so...


Both materials, the Poron and the hard shell are extremely effective in taking the sting out of slashes, whacks and pucks. I think where these guards separate themselves is in their overall coverage.


If you are looking for the best coverage, go for the EvoShields. They have no gaps along the length of the shell providing a better level of protection in my opinion. If you just want to add a bit of protection in a more flexible style pad with a thinner sleeve, you might go for the Bauer wrist guards.


Each kit comes with a pair of sleeves. Both are available in different sizes to fit most folks.