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Apologies for the lack of updates recently! Lots of new roller hockey products available with more on the way.


CCM RBZ Girdles


CCM took over the RBZ line of products from Reebok. They released 3 different styles of girdles to find a fit for any player. All made from a lightweight, breathable and stretchy Lycra that is soft to the touch.




If you are looking for the most protection, the CCM RBZ Girdle is available in Sr and Jr versions. The RBZ set stick out to me because of the hard plastic shell hip cap shells to keep you safe from falls or crashes into the boards. They have a good thick Tailbone protector and good all around coverage.


If you are an entry level player, or looking for a minimal set of pads, the CCM RBZ 150 Girdle or CCM RBZ 110 Girdle are worth taking a look at.


The 150 has a bit more protection with thicker tailbone padding and an additional set of pads on the back of the legs. The foam padding on the 150 is also segmented for better range of motion over the 110. The CCM RBZ 150 is available in Senior and Junior sizes. The CCM RBZ 110 is available in Senior, Junior and Youth sizes.


All 3 girdles include a protective cup!



CCM RBZ Padded Shirts


CCM offers two choices of padded shirts. The CCM RBZ Padded Shirt is available in Sr and Jr sizes. This shirt features the highest level of protection with perforated U-foam in key areas to reduce the sting in some high impact areas. Good coverage of the ribs under the arms, extra chest, torso and shoulder pads to keep you in the game.




The CCM RBZ 150 Padded shirt is very similar to the RBZ using lightweight, moisture wicking materials. Good sternum and spine protection and a bit of foam around the deltoids.


I've seen these used by roller hockey players and even some ice hockey players looking for a comfortable base layer and a bit of extra protection.


CCM RBZ Inline Hockey Pants


They make pants too! the CCM RBZ line of pants has 3 different options! CCM went fairly simple and consistent this year using a lot of black with durable materials with good unrestricted range of motion.




The premiere pants - CCM RBZ Inline Hockey pants use high quality materials to stay strong, stretch with the player and breathe. A new feature is the Tendon guard locking system that slips over your skates Tendon guard to hold the pants in place.


The middle pant - CCM RBZ 150 Inline Hockey pants have a similar large knee patch with a simpler nylon belt adjustment system.


The entry level pants - CCM RBZ 110 Inline Hockey pants offer a sleek, classy, simple black design with durable knees and comfortable materials.



More amazing products coming soon:


Stay tuned, Slash guards, Rollerfly, Verbero, Colt Hockey and more!