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Look no further than Coast to Coast Hockey Shop for decking out your junior and youth roller hockey players in some fine fitting equipment for the upcoming season.


Junior Skates


A few nice options for skates from Mission. For a high performance Junior, or Adult player with small feet - The Mission Inhaler DS4 Junior Skates offer a stiff and supportive boot with nice features. Ventilated toe caps and quarter package, these skates will help keep you cool during the game and dry out your skates faster, for a bit less stink. Comes with Soft Hi-Lo Static wheels, great for indoor play.




For the entry level Juniors and Youth there is the Mission Inhaler DS7 Jr and Yth Skates. Good basic beginner skate that comes with outdoor wheels. Great for street hockey, playing in the driveway, etc. Something to note, if these will be used indoor on smooth concrete or sportcourt you will need to upgrade to indoor wheels. Outdoor wheels should not be used indoor and vice versa. Junior skate uses 4 wheels per skate, the Youth skate uses 3.




From Bauer we have the Bauer X40r skates in a few Yth and Jr sizes. Very similar to the entry level Mission DS7. Basic starter skate.




We have size 1-5 in the Tour FB500 skates. Slick all white skate with a very stiff boot, lightweight frame and great indoor wheels.






Mission offers all 3 levels of their girdles in Jr sizes. Mission Pro Jr Girdle, for a compression fit with the most protection. Mission Elite Girdle for a slightly more relaxed compression fit with hex foam protection. The Core girdle is a traditional relaxed fit girdle with good all around protection. Core girdle is the only one with Youth sizing. All 3 include protective cups.


Alkali makes a couple very lightweight and minimal girdles - the RPD Max and RPD Comp. Both include some tailbone, hip and thigh protection and a cup.


Tour offers a pant very similar to the Mission Core girdle with good all around coverage but with slightly thinner foam. The Tour 50BX Girdle is a bit lighter weight, a little bit less protection but a good girdle for those on a budget. Includes a cup.







Mission DS3 Jr Inline hockey pants are the new style of pant with their standout ruffled knees which aim to increase the life of the knees which take a lot of abuse. The Mission Inhaler DS4 pants are very affordable, traditional pant with flat, but durable nylon knees.


The Bauer X40r Jr pant features a similar style as the Mission DS4 pants with a more minimal design.


Various Alkali and Revision pants available at a discount in limited sizes...







We have some nice gloves for the Juniors and Youth that are all very affordable. My top pick would be the Mission DS4 Gloves. Comfortable, lightweight with a nice tapered fit.


If you prefer a classic fit there are the Alkali RPD Lite+ gloves in some junior sizes. They use a nice dense foam on the backhand for pretty good protection.


Another glove at a great price, the Tour V5 Redline gloves are also available at a great price for kids. Classic fit, with a reinforced palm.


Elbow pads


Another mandatory piece of equipment for league-level play, elbow pads!




A light weight and protective pair, the Bauer Vapor X60 Jr Elbow pads offers a comfortable liner and hard cup around the elbow to protect you from falls or going into the boards.


Sher-wood EK5 Elbow pads offer a good amount of protection including hard plastic inserts around the bicep wrap, which is rare in affordable pairs. Great value.


Bauer Supreme One.4 Yth elbow pads are soft foam pads, good for a very young player who is just getting started.


Street hockey Goalie equipment


The gear we have is great for street hockey level play with a ball. Our goalie gear would NOT be recommended for play with a puck.



Tour Invader 150 Youth Goalie pack includes leg pads, blocker and glove for a young one trying to get into the net. Available in 2 sizes.


Tour 550 Goalie Pads are available in 25" for youth, offer better protection and straps than the Invader Pack


We also have the Tour 400 Glove with matching blocker and the Mylec Air Flo Chest protector comes in a youth size as well.


Coming soon:


Jr Girdles, Padded Shirts, Pants from Reebok

Jr and Yth Helmets from Bauer

Jr Goalie Skates (Mission DSG5 Jr)

Female Cup + Supporters (which can replace the male cup in the girdles)

Jr Alkali skates - including a Youth size adjustable skate for growing kids