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We have a good selection of Goalie skates and other goalie accessories in the shop now!


Mission Inhaler DSG1 and DSG5 Goalie skates


Two great skates for goalies from Mission have arrived at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop! Is your goalie using player skates in net? Do him or her a big favour and let him know... There's a better way!


Goalie specific skates feature a smaller wheel setup so goalies are lower to the ground and more stable. The Mission Front Loader frame features 4 wheels, a  gap in the back so the goalie has room to strap their pads securely to the skate without interfering with the wheels. They have a lower cuff and have removed the tendon guard to allow for improved mobility versus player skates. The black shield that wraps around the base of the boot is referred to as cowling and that will keep your feet much safer than a player skate.





For the goalies who demand the best performance, protection and other features  - the Mission Inhaler DSG1 Goalie Skate is for you. Very comfortable and moldable liner with Indy Foam inserts, padded footbed, and nicer quality insole. Also keeping your feet comfortable and safe is the ventilated hex foam tongue insert which prevents lacebite and allows for good airflow.




These skates also have Missions Inhaler technology on the quarter package and toe caps to help stay dry. The DSG1 skates have the heel colour chip technology allowing players to customize their skates to match their team or show off their own flair.


For the entry level goalies or players on a budget - here is a great option for you.


The Mission DSG5 Goalie Skate offers goalies that same low, stable wheel setup at a lower cost. The boot has Inhaler toe cap ventilation,  Mission's "full motion heel" and the same sturdy black cowling.


It doesn't have as many features as the DSG1, but this skate would be a great upgrade for any goalie currently wearing player skates in the net, or no skates at all!


Roller Hockey Goalie Wheels


Nothing too new to report, but we have a handful of goalie wheels in stock. These Mission skates take 59mm wheels.


A popular option is the Labeda Patriot, which feature a unique goalie wheel profile. A round profile on one side for stable shuffling, and a sharp angled profile for dropping down fast.


If you prefer a standard profile, we have a few Revision Axis Goalie wheels left in 59mm and 47mm.


If you are looking for square / flat profile goalie wheels in 47mm - we have an indoor option - Base Fat Boy 47mm 76a wheels - and an outdoor option - Base The Wall 47mm 84a.


A lot of players are still using the old Bauer goalie skates with the 5 x 47mm setup. These flat profile wheels are good for those folks who don't want to mess with whats working already!


BladeTape for goalies


Another treat for the tenders - BladeTape is also available in a large goalie sized version. Enjoy enhanced grip on the puck, some vibration dampening and a long lasting tape! Available in Black and White.




Can't find what you are looking for?


Looking for something you can't find on our site? Specific size of skate? Mission Slyde Goalie pads?


Shoot us an email! with the product you are looking for, we'll let you know if we can bring it in, how long it will take and how much it will cost!




That's all for now. Stay tuned for more updates and shop promotions to come soon!