Posted by sean @ CTCHS

A skate for the roller hockey goalies and some extra upper body protection from Mission.


Mission DSG5 Goalie Skates


Happy to finally be able to provide a solution for inline hockey goalies! The Mission DSG5 Goalie Skate has all the features you'd need to get playing in net.




Excellent protection from black injection molded 'cowling' along the perimeter of the skate. The full motion heel (removed tendon guard) allows for a full range of motion while the inner foams give great support and a customized fit. This boot breathes thanks to the ventilated toe cap.


The boot sits on the Mission Frontloader chassis which use 4 x 59mm wheels. The frame intends to keep players balanced in a ready position on the balls of their feet.



Mission Pro / Elite Compression Padded Shirts


The Mission Pro Compression Padded shirt offers a good amount of protection in a snug compression style fit. The materials are soft on the skin and wick moisture. Mission used perforated hex and black comfort foams on the front, back and sides for protection with good breathability.




The shoulder and bicep pads are adjustable and removable. You can use it all for maximum protection at gametime or pull off the shoulders and bicep pads for practice.




For a more relaxed fit, the Mission Elite Compression Shirt offers a layer of protection on the chest, arms, back and torso. The Thermo Max fabric keeps the skin dry and cool.



More to come soon!