Posted by sean @ CTCHS

BladeTape for Roller Hockey


BladeTape is one of the better known alternatives to traditional cloth hockey tape on your blade. It is super easy to apply and will provide a consistent feel every time. It provides excellent grip on the puck and allows for faster stickhandling due to nothing wrapping the bottom of the blade.




I've used it for years and highly recommend it for roller hockey with a puck. The grip makes it easier to raise the puck on the backhand or add spin for saucer passes. The rubber adds a bit of cushion for receiving and handling hard passes.


Install tips to ensure good adhesion


    • Make sure to remove all price tags, bar codes from your blade
    • Use fine grit sandpaper on both the forehand and backhand of your blade before applying the BladeTape
    • If you can, install your Tape in a WARM place... cold temperatures make it more difficult for the adhesive to stick
    • Minimize the amount of air bubbles by applying slowly from toe to heel or vice versa
    • Once attached, press firmly with your hands and fingers for a few seconds to use body heat to help the glue stick


The fine people at BladeTape advertise one set can last up to 15 games. Not bad... great for players who don't want to tape up every game.


But how long CAN it last?


I recently retired my own set of BladeTape that has MORE than 100+ games played on it over a couple years. It would have gone longer if my old CCM Crossover blade hadn't begin to crack in a handful of spots and forced me to retire the blade.




Like wine, BladeTape gets better with age! It is very grippy when first applied in comparison to whatever you were using before, but it quickly breaks in and maintains a great feel throughout it's life.


I know, it's tattered, a lot of people won't tolerate these tears and flaps hanging off and may choose to replace their tape well before this point. For me, it was still performing and I wanted to see how long it could last. Admittedly, I'm not the strongest shooter, but I do handle the puck quite a bit. I counted at least 100 games played on this set plus a few playoff games which far exceeded my expectations.


I can't guarantee everyone will see the same results. If you like having great control of the puck, don't mind doing a little bit less stick maintenance, Coast to Coast Hockey Shop highly recommends giving BladeTape a try!


BladeTape is available in many colours and there is a version for Players and for Goalies. BladeTape is made in Ontario, Canada.