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We are happy to announce our new retail location near the Main St Skytrain station in Vancouver. With that, comes other great news!


New Retail location in Vancouver


We have begun moving our inventory into 1739 Main St. We are excited to begin offering sales and service to the roller hockey players in the Lower Mainland. We have partnered up to share space with inline skate wizards, Shop-Task ( This is the best group of guys to advise you about inline skates and roller hockey anywhere!


Look for the roller blade logo!



Bring in your sticks, shafts, blades and we can help you cut them down to size or swap blades with our heat gun. Wood and composite extension plugs are coming in soon. If you are the type who loves his Ice hockey boots, but wants to play Roller we'll soon be setup to fully service skates with a fancy Rivet machine. We'll be able to re-rivet skates, remove and replace ice hockey skate frames with roller hockey frames, fix eyelets and more.


Come see for yourself the best selection of indoor and outdoor hockey wheels, bearings and a lot more to get your game on. We have balls, pucks, ABS blades and sticks (lots of righties!). We just received some Sher-wood sticks and protective which look and perform awesome, more on that below.


The new location opens many doors for us and we will be bringing in Mission, Bauer and Alkali skates, sticks and protective. Space is limited, so we won' t be able to carry every product like some of the big boys, but that will allow us to narrow our focus on high quality gear.


All orders that select our free Pick-Up option will now be picked up at this location.


We would love to hear from you. What gear are you looking for? A specific curve, kick or flex? Vapor gloves? Alkali RPD+ skates? Shoot us an email and we'll bring in the gear for ya!


Please spread the word that there is a new roller hockey shop in town!



Sher-wood sticks and gloves


This new low-kick stick from Sher-wood, the insanely lightweight EK15 REKKER feels amazing. You have to get your hands on it in the shop. The lightest stick on the market with a much more reasonable price than the premiere sticks from other brands.



If mid kick is your thing we have a handful of Sher-wood T90 sticks, regular and Undercover. I love the style of the Undercover and again, the feel is great. Very lightweight and balanced. Another Sher-wood stick available at a price that won't break the bank.



Also new to the shop is the REKKER and TrueTouch lines gloves, protective, and equipment bags. All quality gear that everyone has been impressed with.


I've been using the EK9 REKKER gloves and they are extremely comfortable and definitely my new favourite gloves. They remind me of my Bauer Vapors because of the snug fit in the hands and wide cuff. The EK15 have a more durable dual layer palm and a few extra pieces of nylon on the backhand for added durability.



The TrueTouch T90 Undercover gloves feature a very slick solid colour design as well as a traditional or classic glove fit.




All of the Sher-wood gloves we stock have Pro-level protection, with dual density foams and polyurethane inserts on the backhand. They look great, are very comfortable and can give you the confidence to go into the hard areas and come out with all your digits intact.


Elite Hockey Laces and Socks


Since we are bringing in skates soon, it was important we can also provide customers with some quality laces and skate socks.


We prefer the Elite Prolace Waxed hockey laces since you tie them up once and you don't have to tie them up again. The Wax adds a bit of grip that ensures your laces stay snug when you tighten them. They are available in 12 colours and a handful of sizes to fit every skater.



The 3 knee-high hockey socks we offer are sure to satisfy any skater. For the player looking for the thinnest and simplest layer between their feet and their skates, go for the Elite Pro-liner Tube Sock. It's super thin so you have a close feel with your skate, wicks away moisture and are nice and soft.



The Elite Pro-X700 Bamboo socks are my favourite. They have an interesting feel, I believe due to the bamboo material used, almost cool to the touch. Extremely comfortable. They are very breathable and wick moisture extremely effectively.




If you prefer a compression sock, the Elite Pro-tech Compression sock is for you! The added snugness of these socks is to promote better circulation through your feet and legs which will aid in performance and recovery. The padded ankle for shock absorption is a nice feel as well as the mesh zone on the top of the foot for ventilation.




Mission Roller hockey gear coming soon!


Mission DS Skates



Mission DS Gloves


Mission Protective


Mission Inhaler Helmets



There is usually a coupon here


So here is a coupon - save 10% off using the coupon code "newtraditions". Coupon is valid online only for items to be picked up or delivered. That coupon will expire Friday September 12th, 2014.


Thanks for everyone's support the past few years. We feel a roller hockey shop has been needed in this city for a long time and hope that others agree! Pop by the shop sometime soon and say hello!