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Hey everyone, a few quick updates about some new sweet products and quite possibly a coupon code if you make it to the end!



Rink Rat Identity Krysis


The brand new, triple-pour Rink Rat Identity Krysis. The only true triple-pour wheel to hit the market in over ten years, the Krysis breaks the barrier of getting both PHENOMENAL speed and grip out of your wheels.


I had the pleasure of testing these out on both SportCourt tile at Karen Magnussen and the smooth concrete at Killarney rink. The grip and speed was excellent at both rinks. The concrete always puts a bit of a beating on the wheels, but they held up pretty well.


Rink Rat has also aesthetically redesigned their Hornet Split and Hot Shots - now named Rink Rat Identity Split and Rink Rat Identity Conflict - same tested and true wheels, new cool look.



All 3 wheels are available in 76a for the guys under 175lbs and 78a for the heavier fellas over 175lbs, or guys who want more speed.



IDS Pro Shot Hockey Pucks


The IDS Pro Shot Puck is the official inline hockey puck of many Canadian and international leagues. The pucks have a great feel on both smooth concrete and tile surfaces for fast indoor play. The pucks are Made in the USA and can take a beating. They are available in 9 colours!


Send us an email to set up a bulk puck purchase of 24+ pucks and we can arrange some discounts!


Oust MOC Bearings, Bearing Cleaner kits and Met-ol Speed Oil!


OUST Inc. has designed a hybrid bearing which meet all the criteria for Static, Dynamic and Impact loads as well as bearing misalignment caused by torque. The OUST MOC Series bearings are the FIRST and only bearing manufactured for skateing that achieve a matched coefficient of friction between radial load roll-out and tortional load roll out.



Moc 5 Tech and Moc 9 Airrr 


The Moc 5 Tech and Moc 9 Airrr... bearings are made in the USA and feature a rubber seal that overlaps the inner race step. This keeps contaminants out and lube in. Right out of the package they feel smooth and solid. I swapped out my 4 year old Bones Swiss bearings that still fly and tested out a set of MOC 9 for my last few indoor games and they were great. I will post a long term review at some point.


The Moc 5 Tech use a Steel hybrid cage for extreme durability, while the Moc 9 uses a high speed nylon retainer for maximum speed.




Bearing Cleaner kit


The Oust Speed Kleen Bearing Wash System is a great method for cleaning bearings with no damage to bearing races or carriages. Kit comes complete with washing container, bearing holder and cleaning solvent. SPEED KLEEN solvent is a biodegradable solution that easily washed away with water once the grease oil and dirt is dissolved.

Don't forgot to re-lube after your are done cleaning.




MET-OL Speed Oil


Oust MET-OL Speed Oil is a proprietary lubricant manufactured from straight chain carbon molecules with at least 6 carbon atoms being used as a boundary layer lubricant. Under high temperatures created from frictional drag, these molecules form a metallic soap which become a tenacious lubricant film of increased viscosity to reduce the wear in the boundary region.

Another great thing about the Met-ol Speed Oil is it comes with a needle adapter so you can lube up your bearings without removing the rubber seals. Just insert the end of the needle under the seal close to the inner ring of the bearings and add 1-2 drops. Good to go!



Floating Spacers


Finally uploaded the floating spacers. These should fit for guys using the Labeda Hum'r Chassis, featured on Tour, RBK, CCM and other skates using an 8mm axle/bolt.


Retail store


We are making some moves and will be opening our first retail shop in Vancouver, BC this summer. The goal is to the be the one stop shop for indoor and outdoor roller hockey information, equipment and service! Planning to carry all the best roller hockey products, improving our selection with high end skates, sticks and protective gear. Stay tuned for more details!


Coupon Code


Hey, you made it! Enter coupon "added_overhead" at checkout to save 12% off anything in the shop! This coupon will expire June 23rd, 2014.