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We are proud to announce another handful of high quality hockey essentials being added to the shop.



Renfrew Hockey Sock & Stick Tape


The most trusted name in hockey tape is here! Renfrew Hockey tapes have been a staple in NHL and other Pro level dressing rooms for years. All of their tapes are MADE IN CANADA... if that type of thing is important to you! If you want the best, this is it. Check out the promotional offers on each products page that will allow you to stock up and save.




For now, we kept it simple, bringing in a few types of tape. We have had a lot of requests to carry sock tape, its finally here! We've brought in Renfrew Clear Hockey Sock Tape (36m) for the traditionalists as well as the Renfrew Red Hockey Sock Tape (30m) for the players looking for a bit more color. Both are great for roller or ice hockey and will keep your gear or pants snug without restricting your movement/bloodflow.




We have also added Renfrew Hockey Stick Tape in Black and White (12M).  These rolls are 30mm wide so you can cover a bit more surface area while taping your blade or knob.


If you would like us to bring in any other colors of Renfrew Sock or Stick tape, or any other type of hockey tape for that matter, send us an email by using the contact form below or click here!



Gatorade Squeeze Bottles and Team Bottle Carriers


Another long requested product now available! Keep your team happy and hydrated with these quality Gatorade bottles and Team Water Bottle Carriers. Another product you'll see the pro's using because they work very well!




The built-in self sealing gasket means there's no opening and closing - just squeeze and drink. Pressure activated so no more spillage. Keep your teammates sweaty paws off your pull tops!


For the single bottles - Gatorade Squeeze Bottle 946ml (32oz). For the carriers - Gatorade Team Bottle Carriers w/ 6 Bottles



SlivVver Puck! The Official puck of the IIHF Inline Hockey World Championship


The SlivVver inline hockey puck is the official puck used in the IIHF Inline Hockey World Championship as well as numerous Pro leagues in Europe. Highly recommended for use on smooth indoor surfaces.




It's available in two colors, Red/Black or Purple/Black. Learn more about the puck here - SlivVver Official IIHF Inline Hockey Puck


Coupon Code


Phew, that was a long one. Enter "bigone" at checkout to save 15% off anything in the shop! That's like, 5% more than usually offered on these coupon codes! Take advantage! That coupon will expire October 17th.