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CTCHS searches long and far to find and provide roller hockey products for all types of players and games. Our latest expedition led us to Germany-based "BASE Hockey", a manufacturer of multiple pieces of hockey equipment. Get to the bottom of the page and you might find a coupon code!


BASE Hockey

BASE offers a variety of roller hockey wheels and ABS blades at some great prices. The wheels in particular are very affordable. We don't think it's fair to expect them to perform like the top end orange wheels, but they will get you in the game and up to speed while saving you some bucks.



For the goalies, there is the Indoor BASE Hockey Fat Boy 47mm in 76a and the Outdoor BASE Hockey The Wall 47mm in 84a. They both feature the flat bottoms or 'square' profile that you may recognize from the old blue or black Hyper Pro Goalie wheels. See the profile image below for a better idea!





For the players there are a handful of new items. More BASE hockey outdoor wheels, including the BASE Pro Sudden Death (84a) Outdoor Hockey wheel and the BASE Rage2 (83a) Outdoor Hockey wheel. Both are available in the shop at a very low price point and are a great way to get skating without breaking the bank. Both wheels come in 80mm, 76mm and 72mm.


 You will also find THREE new Sr. Replacement blades in the Accessories section of our site. The BASE G-Force Composite replacement blade is an affordable option for indoor roller hockey or ice hockey with a puck or ball. Available in 3 curves for left and right hands. You can probably use it outside with pretty good results as well, it's very sturdy.




The other two blades are ABS blades mainly intended for durability on outdoor hockey surfaces like on the street, asphalt or rough concrete. Some people use them indoor as well since they won't wear down on the smooth surfaces. The BASE s65 ABS Power Blade features a fibreglass-reinforced blade and is available in 2 curves in left and right hands. At an even lower price point is the BASE Hockey Magnum m60 ABS Replacement Blade. Available in 2 curves for right and left hands.


More outdoor hockey puck products very soon!

Keep checking back over the next few weeks as we'll be adding some GREAT new devices for outdoor roller hockey and training. Some very cool stuff on the way.


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