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New! Updated and restyled wheels from Labeda and another quality hockey ball added to the shop.

Special edition Labeda Addictions


Coast to Coast Hockey Shop strives to have the best selection of indoor hockey wheels in Canada. We have just added 2 new great looking versions of Labeda Addictions to the shop to give roller hockey players even more choices on high performance gear. We have added a White and Green Addiction as well as a Yellow version.




Both offering the same incredible speed and grip as the other Addictions, these special edition wheels will only be available for a limited time. Get yours now!    


2013 Labeda Grippers


The freshly redesigned 2013 Labeda Grippers have been added to the shop. As before, the grippers come in 3 versions for players of all sizes, Labeda Gripper X-Soft, Labeda Gripper Soft and Labeda Gripper Med. All 3 feature a cool, new design printed on the side of the wheel.




Another noticeable difference is the X-Soft version is now using a more opaque red formula than the previous transparent red, likely hoping to improve the durability compared to previous years.

There are still a handful of 2012 Labeda Grippers available in the clearance section at a great price.


Franklin AGS Liquid Filled High Density Street Hockey Balls


We've just added more Hockey balls to our inventory. This time, the line of Franklin AGS Hockey balls. They come in a few different versions for a good level of play no matter what temperature you are playing in. Franklin AGS High Density (Orange), Franklin AGS Super High Density (Red) and Franklin AGS Low Density (Yellow).


These high quality hockey balls feature the Active Gravity System (AGS), a patented design that uses a superior no-bounce technology to sustain a lower centre of gravity in each ball. A proprietary micro-pellet dampening material suspended within a liquid keeps the ball from bouncing for better passing, shooting and control.

Easy enough to understand, right? Just give em a try! Great to combine with Mylec G-Force balls throughout the year for consistent play year round.


Bones Reds Bearings and Speed Cream restocked!

Little side note here, we've restocked our Bones Reds Bearings and Bones Speed Cream.


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