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Franklin's Commander Pro puck comes in Red or Black and has a great feel indoor for roller hockey.


Franklin Pro Commander Roller Hockey Puck


The Franklin Pro Commander Roller Hockey Puck is new to the shop. It has all the features you expect out of a roller hockey puck. Stuff like high density pins or pegs for an excellent glide, a nice texture around the outside for improved control and more. We used this recently in one of our games on tile and everyone seemed to like it!




It's available in Red or Black and is great for league or pickup games as well as working on your shot outdoors!


NSIHL swap meet pickups


We'll have a table set up at the 2013 Swap Meet to help service and equip the NSIHL this Saturday. If you are a member of the NSIHL and purchase from now until Saturday AM, select the "Pick-up" option at the checkout and you can pick up your order at the swap meet this Saturday, March 9th. Check out for more information.


Don't forget to use your NSIHL coupon code! Email us or the NSIHL staff to receive the code.


Revision Variant Plus Review


I recently used a set of the Revision Variant Plus Soft on sport court and I was very impressed with them. So much so, I thought I'd share. For some background information, I'm around 160lbs and was previously using Labeda Addictions, my personal favourite for their speed and grip. After trying the previous Variant wheel I knew the grip would be there, but I wasn't convinced on the speed.




When I first took them out of the box I was blown away by the finish on the wheel, great colors, crisp printing and glass-like outer layer. Before I put the wheels on my skate I could feel the difference in the hardness of the outer layer. A definite plus for speed and durability. The grip was there too and it did feel improved over the previous Variant.

As soon as I took the warm-up skate I could really feel the speed on these wheels. I didn't feel like it took a lot of effort to get up to speed and to stay there. The grip was very grippy at first, almost too grippy (as with most brand new wheels), but could feel the wheels 'breaking in' throughout the game, making stops a little easier.

Now, my set of Addictions were old, some cracks beginning to develop down the middle of the wheels, but I still felt after 60+ games they kicked ass and performed great. I didn't think I would consider using anything but another set of them. However I'm definitely going to continue using the Revision Variant Plus until they give me a reason not to. Would recommend.


Currently only stocked in 76mm and 80mm as that seems to be the highest demand. If you need 72mm, let me know, demand it from me, I'll definitely bring some in for you.


Coupon code


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