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A sturdy chassis for the goalie and a great grippy wheel now available in 80mm.





Labeda Predator Goalie Frame

I recently found a box that I had misplaced and never opened from Labeda. In it, I found a few Labeda Predator goalie frames and a few sets of wheels.


If you are a goalie using a player chassis you owe it to yourself to take a look at this! Made to use a maximum of 59mm wheels like the Labeda Patriot, the Predator Chassis is a great way to give yourself a higher chance of making more saves by staying lower to the ground to cover more holes and drop down faster.


Give yourself better odds by getting even lower using the 47mm Revision Axis Goalie wheels!



Labeda Dynasty III / 3


Also discovered in this mystery box was a few sets of 80mm Labeda Dynasty III. This wheel didn't get too much attention with the release of the Addiction, but is a solid wheel.


Using a similar hard urethane as the Labeda Addiction, you can be sure of speed, durability and great grip. I only have a few sets left in 80mm and 76mm! Great for the Mission / Bauer Vanguard Hi-Lo setups. Available in the clearance section at an unbeatable price.


More soon


Stay tuned for a few more new items in the next week! Wheels, Pants and more!