Posted by sean @ CTCHS

CTCHS is proud to add some quality products from Frontier Hockey's selection for the 2013 season.






Frontier ABS, Crossover Replacement Blades and Player Visor


After high demand from our outdoor customers we are happy to add an ABS replacement blade to the shop. An extremely durable full ABS blade that will hold up to all your outdoor / street hockey abuse, the Frontier Hockey Blue ABS Blade will fit standard size Sr shafts.


Also added to the shop is the Frontier ABS Crossover Replacement Blade which features a wooden insert in the center of the blade to reduce weight. With the ABS along the outside of the blade you can be sure this blade won't fray and lose power over a season. Great for indoor and outdoor hockey.


Both blades are available in Left and Right hands and 2 curves.



Another new product is the Frontier Pro Front Line Player Visor. This high quality visor is treated with Front-Line technology for anti-fog and anti-scratch properties. The package comes with mounting hardware, cleaning solution in spray bottle and a microfiber cloth to protect and maintain your visor.