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Finally! A great solution for all of you goalies who haven't been able to replace their chunking 47mm wheels since they dont make the Hyper Pro Goalie wheels anymore.

Revision updates - Axis Goalie (47mm edition!) and Abec 7 repackaging

Revision recently released a 47mm version of their Axis Goalie wheel. They always made a 59mm version but that left a majority of the goalies who use the small bauer chassis without many options. This wheel looks solid, rated at 76a for indoor play, it has a nice round profile similar to the Rink Rat Crossbar wheels but at a lower price point.


Check out the Revision 47mm / 59mm goalie wheels in the shop today!

Revision has also redesigned their packaging for the Abec 7 bearings. They don't include the floating spacers anymore. They still spin fast as heck though and the tin is always handy to have for keeping screws, extra bearings, tools, etc. organized.


They are on sale right now for $29.99 - Not many sets in stock at the moment so they might disappear shortly but will be receiving more soon. More information on the Revision Abec 7 bearings here.

Some Jersey and Logo design...

Don't forget that Coast to Coast Hockey Shop can not only help your team perform, we can help you look good.

Check out a few things we are working on now...


Super simple away jerseys for the HawkZ and Hoodstar of the VIHL as well as the customed designed logo and ice hockey jerseys for another local hockey group.

Use the contact form below and share your ideas for your teams identity! We can definitely come up with something awesome together.

We'll have a section for custom items in our new website so you can get a better idea of what we can do. Until then don't hesitate to email us and ask!

Design fees are included for an order of 10 or more units (Jerseys or T-shirts)

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