Posted by sean @ CTCHS

Hey there, a few updates to share about the BC Inline Provincials, Micro bearing wheels, future shipping options and another discount code.

BC Inline Provincials

The NSIHL hosted the BC Inline Hockey Provincials this year at Karen Magnussen Arena in North Vancouver. Much appreciation to Dave and the others at the NSIHL for inviting us to set up a table to service skates and give some great deals on wheels and bearings.


We had a ton of kids and parents stop by the table to talk wheels and hockey. It was great to mingle with them and then get to watch the amazing young talent in some close and some not so close games. I am not looking forward to having to play these kids when they start playing in the mens leagues...

We gave out a ton of Labeda and new CTCHS stickers and some kids made good use out of them!


Thanks much to TR Trades for the great banners and posters. Thanks to Darryl, Trevor and Thad for helping me out!

Micro Bearing Wheels

We've received a handful of Labeda Micro bearing sized wheels in a limited supply. They will be up on the website in the next few days. Available in Micro bearing size will be: Labeda Addictions (White), Labeda Dynasty III (Green), Labeda Millennium (Yellow). Just the wheels! No plans to bring in bearings any time soon.

Shipping Options

I have some good news for the people in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba - We're working on a new website and there will be a new shipping option for you folks for shipping to those 3 provinces for $12.99. It's not a huge difference, but hopefully it helps! I've learned a few things about Canada Post and found a great way to ship for less to those provinces and will pass the savings on to you.

The new shipping page will also include more options such as RUSH delivery vs Standard Ground delivery to give you more options on how fast you need your gear delivered.

Summa' Summer coupon code!

If you want to save 10% on anything in the shop (WHY WOULDN'T YOU?!)... Enter "ten_purse_hens" at checkout to save a few bucks. Don't feel too guilty. You deserve it for making it this far.

That coupon will expire on August 9th, 2012.

You could buy some Revision Axis Outdoor wheels with that coupon, I would. It's time for outdoor roller hockey.