Posted by sean @ CTCHS

Hey everyone, from now until September 30th, enjoy sale prices on many items in the shop. Specifically the Revision Axis Indoor and Outdoor wheels. These outdoor wheels are awesome! They are drawing comparisons to the Labeda Asphalts and the Hyper Pro 250s for how durable and long lasting they are - at a much lower price. Now is a great time to try them out at an even better price! Check them out in the shop for $6.39 per wheel! You won't be disappointed.


Also noticeably marked down are the Revision Abec 7 bearings. They are a solid set of bearings that will perform well indoor or outdoor and won't break the bank. From now until the end of September, only $28.99 for a full set.


If you are looking for something else in the shop to save on - use coupon code - summersale2011 - which will save 15% off everything else in the shop! Pass it on! Expires September 30th 2011.

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