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A long absence from blogging, but with good reasons! A lot has been going on around the shop and now that things are slowing down again we can try to get you up to speed on new products and what's been going on.

NSIHL Partnership - Atom & Mite Credit

Big thanks to the NSIHL for allowing us to gear their Atom and Mite division players with a generous credit. The North Shore league is doing amazing work for making inline hockey more accessible for the youngsters, allowing the free registration and creating this credit. We had a crazy busy March and April in the shop setting up the kids proper.

Bauer Hydro-G Liquid Filled Hockey Balls

These balls have been a great addition and are gaining in popularity pretty quickly as they get tested out at the individual rinks. The Bauer Hydro G Liquid Filled Hockey Balls are available in Orange for Warm weather and Pink, which is a bit softer for colder weather. 

We are big fans of the Hydro G. They are heavier than the Mylec balls (more liquid) so they stay flatter in the game. The Orange version is also slightly harder than the Franklin AGS so it doesn't get squishy and grippy as the weather gets warmer in the summer.

Rocket Pucks and Skate Tools

The Rocket Puck is an extremely popular puck in the States and on the east coast. It is the official puck of NARCH, State Wars, TORHS, other tournaments and leagues around the world. 

The puck weighs about 102g (3.6oz), has 6 glide pins for a fast roll and has a softer body than most inline pucks. That could give it a better chance of staying intact in our cold Canadian winter inline seasons. 

The Rocket puck is available in 9 different colours. Check out the colour options on the Rocket Puck page. Orders of 6+ or 12+ pucks are eligible for bulk pricing. Contact us for more info on that.

Rocket also released their new skate tool - the Rocket Tool. We've been using them in the shop already for a few weeks and they are rock solid and effective.

One end to remove or tighten your axles, one end to pop bearings, one to adjust helmet screws and pull bearings. Combined with the soft rubber handle this tool is highly recommended for any players or equipment managers.

Labeda Millennium Signature Wheels (Soft, Orange)

The latest release from Labeda's Signature wheels is the Millennium in Soft. A very popular indoor hockey wheel, now available in the new Signature design.


We have the Labeda Signature Millenniums (Soft, Orange) in 72mm and 80mm right now. Should have the 76mm within the next week or two.

Alkali Skates replacement Axle Kit

We've had these for awhile but forgot to put them up on the website. If you are an axle or screw short for your Alkali Skates this is the kit for you. The Alkali Axle/Screw kit will also fit Mission/Bauer skates if you want a custom Black hardware look.

Each kit comes with 8 pairs of Axle/Screws and 8 spacers.

Ice to Inline Skate Conversions

We've been turning a handful of Ice hockey boots into sweet Inline hockey setups this season. If you have a project in mind, shoot us an email and we can give you our thoughts.


We usually recommend doing a conversion if the boot is a high quality boot in really good shape. The cost of the Frames, Wheels, Bearings and installation can range from around $200 at the low end to around $400 or more for the best components.

Turnaround time is around a week, depending on our current workload. Any questions, shoot us an email!

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Thanks for listening, it feels good to get this all off my chest.

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