• Our retail shops are closed, but we are giving free gifts with online orders!

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    Free Biscuits, WrapArounds and Targets for a limited time!

    Our retail stores are still temporary closed.

    For the time being we are only operating online due to the uncertainty of the current situation.

    It is a difficult choice, but the best one for the safety of our staff and community.

    As a small business we strongly rely on our foot traffic to keep things rolling, we appreciate your support at our website (www.coasthockeyshop.com).

    Check-out online or send in your order to info@coasthockeyshop.com

    Gifts! Thanks for your online support.

    Orders over will enjoy these Free Bonus Items: 
      $125         - Green Biscuit ($15)
      $250         - Hockey WrapAround ($40)
      $500         - Top Shelf Targets ($80)
      $1000       - Targets, WrapAround, 3 Biscuits ($165)

    We are still around to help you select the right products and ship or deliver in a timely fashion.
    Happy to answer your questions for skating indoors or out.

    Use the Live Chat or Contact Form to ask any questions
    Send in your orders to info@coasthockeyshop.com and we will add the gifts to your shipment!

    Can't wait to get to play and see the hockey family soon!
    Thanks again for your support!

  • Konixx Indoor Roller Hockey Wheels: Pure-X, Pulsar and Rebel - New for 2020

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    Konixx had a very strong 2019 at Coast to Coast. The Original Konixx Pure Wheel has been approved by the shop for all indoor surfaces and was easily our most popular wheel last season. The high end grip and speed combined with price-point best durability makes it a no-brainer for beer league players who want to perform. We have been recommending these to a lot of players and have received tons of positive feedback.

    So, when we heard they were replacing the Pure with a new model, we got a bit nervous. This new Pure claiming better grip, speed and durability again?! HOW?!


    New Konixx Pure-X Wheels

    The Konixx Pure-X Wheel is the new high performance dual pour wheel from Konixx. Their NEW U-base4™ urethane formula claims to improve the grip and stiffness of the wheel while extending the window of optimum performance (more durable, grippy for longer). Generally wheels start to lose their mojo after a certain amount of games, will begin to lose grip or split and chunk. We have found most Konixx wheels to go the furthest.

    We believe the hype and expect the Pure-X to be the wheel of 2020.

    Try them out for yourself. There is a wheel hardness for each player size and style. Available now in 80mm and 76mm at +2, +1, +0 hardnesses.

    They dropped the 72mm, 68mm and 59mm, but those sizes will be well served by the Konixx Tachyon and the new Pulsar.

    Konixx Pulsar

    The Konixx Pulsar is a grippy single pour indoor wheel. The new K-Core which adds stiffness and speed, preventing the wheel from over-compressing.

    Aimed at players under 185lbs. Excellent for Youth and lighter adults for indoor on a smooth surface. Available now in 80mm, 76mm, 72mm, 68mm, 59mm at +0 hardness.


    Konixx Rebel

    Aimed for entry level youth players under who need an affordable indoor wheel.  The Konixx Rebel is made with a Single Pour construction and will get you rolling indoor with good control. These will be a step up from the stock indoor/outdoor wheels on the entry level Mission or Bauer Skates.

    Available now in 72mm, 68mm, 59mm at +0 hardness. If you need the bigger sizes just shoot us a message!



    Ask us Anything!

    With so many options on the market, it can be confusing and difficult to get the right wheels. We have been working with a variety of wheels every day for years and would be happy to lend our advice. Email us or message through live chat, tell us about your surface, weight and budget and we can give you our recommendations. Our goal is for you to have the best experience playing roller hockey as possible.

    We don't want to stick anyone with a product that isn't working either, give us your feedback. If you are not loving your wheels... Feeling slow, slippery in turns, breaking down fast.... get in touch with us and we'll figure out how to fix that!

  • Take it outside! Free Outdoor Wheels with all Senior Roller Hockey Skates

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    Free Outdoor Hockey Wheels with all Senior Roller Hockey Skates

    Take it outside! The weather has been nice in Vancouver lately offering some early opportunities to skate outdoors. Lacrosse Boxes, tennis courts and the Sea Wall around Stanley Park are all calling!

    Pick up a new pair of skates for indoor season and we'll install outdoor wheels so you can get cruising right away.

    While Supplies last - All Sr size Skate sales will receive a set of 8 Outdoor Hockey Wheels!

    Click here for Senior Skate options

    Wheels are 86A Red Star Rockets.

    In store or online. Just add the skates to cart, checkout and we will add the correct size wheels with the order.

    Use the contact form if you have any questions or email us at info@coasthockeyshop.com

  • What’s the difference? The Roller Hockey Gear Guide for Starters

    Posted by Jeremy Edjan

    Players taking their first steps into inline hockey often have a few key questions about gear - especially if they’re coming in from an ice hockey background.  We’re here to tackle a couple of those questions and help you take solid first steps into the sport!

    Inline Girdle / Roller Pants vs Ice Hockey Pants

    While much of your ice hockey equipment is transferable, one element that’s got a little less utility in inline hockey are ice hockey pants.  The standard pant and hockey sock combo work incredibly well for the impacts and rigor of ice hockey, but are far too insulating and bulky for inline hockey.  Players will find themselves sweating without the cooling effect of the ice, and may find that the bulkier protection limits mobility and agility while you play.

    For that reason, we have the inline girdle.  Made of a flexible, multi-density foam foundation, the protection is tailored to the needs of an inline player, while providing a solid degree of mobility and breath-ability to keep you cool and comfortable during your games.  Hugging close to your body and made of moisture-wicking material, inline girdles also help manage sweat and temperature.  A coverall-style mesh pant goes over the girdle and shin guards, providing a bit more protection and a cleaner protective shell over your equipment, made of a polyester and mesh fabric that promotes further airflow, such as the Alkali RPD Quantum pant below.

    The fit and finish across brands varies, from Bauer’s tapered fit Vapor pants, to Mission’s generous-fit Inhaler pants.  With a large variety of features and styles across a wide range of price ranges, being properly fit is key to maximizing your comfort and performance in-game.  Coupled with a high-performance girdle such as the CCM Super Tacks Girdle, a player can really maximize their protection and mobility, drawing from the best of both worlds.

    Indoor vs Outdoor Wheels

    Most skates come with one or the either, and both have their place.  The aim of the game is to maximize your performance and durability, regardless of surface - so here’s the breakdown.

    Indoor Wheels

    Indoor wheels are made of a softer base material, providing a great deal more grip and control on smooth indoor surfaces, such as sport court or ice court.  Without the natural friction and traction from the grit of an outdoor surface and the debris build up commonly found on it, the extra softness of the wheel allows a player to perform all the movements and techniques required without worrying about slipping.  The Labeda Addictions pictured below are one of the best-performing indoor wheels available on the market.

    The caveat here is that they’re a fair bit less durable than harder wheels, and will very easily get shredded up on rough surfaces.  Furthermore, the extra grip coming from indoor wheels will slow you down on the extra grit of outdoor surfaces, reducing both the performance and lifespan of your wheels.  For those looking for a value-conscious rendition, the Labeda Grippers are spectacular.

    Outdoor Wheels

    Outdoor wheels are made of a comparatively harder, more durable material.  The stiffer wheel provides better energy transfer and speed in a skate, and makes use of the naturally occurring friction on outdoor surfaces.  This maximizes the durability of your wheels, making them more resistant to damage and wear.  Our in-house brand of outdoor wheels remain a popular option for those venturing into the sun for their games.

    On the flip side, the reduced grip of the outdoor wheel means that you’re going for a bit of a slip-and-slide on indoor surfaces, especially polished concrete or sport court surfaces  The loss of control and hold makes it easier for you to “blow out” an edge and injure yourself in more aggressive movements.  Outdoor wheels such as the Revision Hi-Lo Clinger below are often found on lower-end inline skates, which serves as a great budget-friendly option for those using their skates for other outdoor activities.

    Each style of wheel has its place in the sport, and carrying a set of each means that you’ll be prepared regardless of the surface you’re due to be playing on; carry each set with its own set of bearings and spacers to make those frequent changes easier.  Nevertheless, even within each category of wheel, there are a large variety in wheel stiffnesses, qualities, and styles - swing into the shop here at the Vancouver-grown Coast to Coast Hockey Shop and be professionally fit for the best set for your needs. 

  • 2018 Junior / Youth Roller Hockey Shopping Guide. What to buy: Inline Skates, Girdles, Pants, Wheels & More

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    There are a lot of products out there and it can be tough to decide on new gear for a new sport(especially online)  In an effort to help the parents out we are doing a little write up on our current selection of kids gear to explain the differences.

    This might get a bit long... if you want to save yourself time or if you still need help - use the Contact page to let us know about your situation and we'll point you in the right direction as best as we can. You can help by figuring and sending us: a measurement of feet in CM, waist size, player height and desired budget (entry level or performance) we can go from there!


    Junior / Youth Inline Hockey Skates

    Smallest sizes, Youth (7-13), to larger Junior sizes (1-5.5)

    Skates will usually fit 1 size down from shoe size.

    Previous season / Discounted models will have random sizes available, unlikely we will be able to get more. Current season skates we should be able to get more of.

    High End / Performance Skates (+$300)

    You'll get a much stiffer boot, with better comfort, protection in the tongue and great quality Indoor wheels and bearings. Good for the player who is used to a high end boot, will be playing a high level or multiple times per week.

    Bauer Vapor XR600 Skates - Narrow fit

    Mission Inhaler NLS3 Skates - Wide fit



    Entry level / Beginner / Intermediate ($139-$199)

    Good support for beginner skaters, starter indoor wheels and smooth bearings. Good for nearly all Junior players playing indoor or outdoor hockey.

    Junior sizes

    Mission Inhaler NLS5 Skates - This season's model - Widest Fit

    Mission Inhaler DS5 Skates - Last season's model - Discounted

    Mission Inhaler DS6 - Last season's model - Discounted

    Bauer Vapor X400R - Last season's model - Narrowest fit - Discounted



    Youth sizes ($119+)

    Youth skates come with Outdoor wheels - Highly recommend Indoor wheels if they'll be used indoor. Customers are eligible for 25% off wheels when you purchase skates. Available in shop, or contact us to redeem.

    Bauer Vapor XR300 Youth Skates - This season's model

    Bauer Vapor X300R Youth Skates - Last season's model. (Discounted)

    Mission Inhaler NLS6 Youth Skates - This season - Slightly wider fit than Bauer


    Adjustable skates ($79-119+)

    The more affordable 'adjustable skates' are good for the lightest of skaters, involved in the most beginner levels of hockey. We find the fixed size skates to offer a much better fit and performance. Especially if it's a big kid. 

    Alkali RPD Lite Adjustable Skate

    Verbero Powerplay Inline Adjustable Skate


    Junior / Youth Roller Girdles

    Instead of the Ice Hockey Pants and Socks combo, Inline players will lean towards lightweight Girdle and Roller Hockey Pants which offer a much lighter setup for the hot summer days. 

    "Hockey Shorts" style:

    Mission Core Girdle - Best Coverage - Thicker Tailbone Foam - a bit Bulky

    Alkali RPD Quantum Girdle - Thinner foams, lighter, cheaper, better mobility, less protective


    "Form fitting" style

    CCM 110 Girdle - Junior - Not as much coverage, but a plastic reinforced tailbone protector


    Junior Inline Hockey Pants

    Bauer Vapor X40R Pants - Most popular pant, good colours, durability and fit.

    Mission Inhaler DS4 Pants - Good fit, light weight, thinner materials (less durability)

    Mission AC4 Pants- Most Affordable / Very Wide flowy legs



    Make sure to get the appropriate wheel for your surface. Smooth Indoor surfaces need soft Indoor wheels. Rough outdoor surfaces need a harder wheel.

    Don't use an indoor wheel outside, or an outdoor wheel inside. The Indoor wheel will get shredded outdoor and not perform on smooth surfaces. Outdoor wheels will grip great on the street or asphalt, but slippery on smooth indoor surfaces. If you'll be skating indoor and outdoor, the ideal solution is having a set of indoor and outdoor wheels, each with a set of their own bearings and spacers, to make the swap a lot quicker.

    Indoor Wheels

    Performance - Konixx Wheels (Pure / Electron) - High end wheels, extra grippy, fast and durable.

    Value - Labeda Grippers (Soft / X-Soft, 59mm, 68mm, 72mm, 76mm, 80mm) Best balance of performance, durability and price. Quality Grip and rebound.

    Outdoor Wheels

    Revision / Hi-Lo Clinger Wheels - Longest lasting outdoor wheel. Available in Senior and Junior sizes


    Tron Mega Hz Indoor - Good range of sizes in an affordable wheel

    Bearings - Bones are our favourite, but if you need a cheap set for outdoor wheels - we have good stock on Tron Abec 9 and Tron Swiss Lites at a reduced rate.

    Spacers - Standard spacers (required to fit the bearings to the skate axles) are $1 each.



    I hope this helps - but if you are more confused than before - give us a shout! Use the contact form, share some details and we'll be in touch pretty quick.