• Padded Shirt Guide – Summer 2017 - CCM RBZ, Mission, Tour, Alkali

    Posted by Jeremy Edjan

    With the inline hockey season in full swing, players will find themselves needing certain pieces of equipment replaced as wear and tear becomes more apparent, or the gear just isn’t keeping up with your game anymore.  One common piece of gear that gets replaced in these months is the padded shirt – and we’re here to keep you cool, light, and protected with our selection.

    CCM RBZ Padded Shirt

    The best-in-class for the perfect blend of performance and breathability, the CCM RBZ padded shirt is our pick for that all-around padded shirt with a fit for every level of play.  With a pro compression fit that assists in blood flow to muscles and a lightweight stretch mesh with moisture wicking for that dry-and-cool feel throughout the game, the RBZ padded shirt is padded with U-Foam protection in key areas, maximizing airflow and providing a pro-level protection; with the material found in NHL shoulder pads to this day.  Ventilated foam pads throughout the Torso, Ribs and Shoulders, the RBZ padded shirt prioritizes comfort and cool in their design.

    Alkali Visium Padded Shirt

    For that step up in protectiveness, we have the Alkali Visium Padded Shirt.  360-degree 3D Flex padding in a hex-cell construction create a close-to-the-body, flexible wrap while creating gapless protective coverage in the key padded areas.  The Alkali Visium shirt prioritizes coverage with their 16-way stretch mesh lycra construction and increased shirt length, keeping the shirt mobile and secure against your body for a locked-in protective feel.  Perfect for the player looking for a bit more protectiveness in key areas, while still allowing for comfort.

    Tour Code 1 Upper Body

    For the maximum coverage and protection package, the Tour Code 1 Upper Body padded shirt is layered throughout the shirt with their patented Custom ZURRICK dual density foam – a high-impact protection dual-layer foam that provides excellent impact mitigation.  The anatomical segmentation in key areas throughout the padding, as well as kinetic compression padding provide a complete range of motion in a lightweight, low profile package.  The Tour Code 1 shirt has the ultimate level of protection for the elite roller hockey player, with just a little compromise in breath ability when compared to the RBZ shirt. Note: the Tour shirts are considerably shorter than other brands, and can sometimes cut off just above the navel for some players depending on your height.  (Read: Really heckin' short.)

    Soon Discontinued – Mission Pro and Elite Padded Shirts

    For those who prefer their tried-and-true setups, we have a small number of Mission Pro and Elite Padded Shirts left – though stock is dwindling as Mission slowly phases these shirts out of production.  The Mission Pro shirt was known for its ice hockey shoulder-pad-like shoulder and bicep guards, with perforated protective foam located throughout the remainder of the torso for a “hybrid-shirt” style of protection.  The Elite padded shirt provides a more traditional medium density foam coverage, similar in vein to the RBZ padded shirt, but with Bauer’s moisture-wicking and cooling 37.5 fabric.  Grab your shirts for a stockpile today!


    For a selection of our padded shirts and more, visit us in-store here in Vancouver, BC or online here at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop.  Express shipping throughout Canada!

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  • Welcome to the new Coast to Coast Hockey Shop!

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    Hi everyone, I am proud to announce our new website (coasthockeyshop.com) is up and running! This site will be a lot more mobile friendly and should offer a much better shopping experience for all users.

    We hope this site shows off the products more, makes them easier to find and get them delivered to your door!

    One feature we want to add to all the skates is the Custom Skate options where you can purchase a boot with upgraded wheels, bearings, or neither, so you can save some money and use the wheels and bearings you already have.

    You can view this on the Mission DS1 Skates page Please let me know if you think this is a useful option!

    The site is still under construction so if you happen to stumble upon any issues, please shoot us an email and we'll work on it!

    Thanks everyone for all your support over the years!

    Canadian Dollar!

    Let's acknowledge one other change, some of our prices on gear that we purchase from the United States has gone up. We put it off as long as possible, but with the exchange rate going the way it is, we had to make some changes.

    So at first glance, it might look bad, but if you do some calculations you should see that we are still extremely competitive! 

    New Shipping Rates Rundown

    Local Lower Mainland Delivery options:
    Delivery within Vancouver - $5.99
    Delivery within Richmond, North Vancouver, Burnaby - $7.99

    Canada Shipping options:
    Shipping within British Columbia - $10.99
    Shipping within Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba - $12.99
    Shipping within Canada $14.99

    USA Shipping options:
    under 2kg - $16.99
    over 2kg - $24.99 

    International Shipping options:  (examples)
    up to 250g - $14.99 (two pucks or two bottles)
    up to 500g - $24.99 (4 pucks, 1 sets (16) bearings) or (2 ABS Blades)
    up to 1kg - $44.99 (8 wheels, set (16) bearings)
    up to 2kg - $49.99 (small accessories* see more below)
    up to 2kg - $79.99 (pants, 5 pucks, 8 wheels, set (16) bearings)
    up to 3kg - $119.99 (skates)

    Special International Shipping for Small Items up to 2kg:
    This is the best way to ship a small bag of Wheels, Bearings, Hardware, Pants, Shirts, Tape etc. anywhere in the world - Airmail!

    Try this!

    We need to get ourselves comfortable with the new platform - help us out by hammering us with orders!

    Enter "imisstheoldsite" to save 15% off most products in the shop!

    This coupon will expire Tuesday January 26th!