• Bauer 2017 XR Roller Hockey Skates

    Posted by Jeremy Edjan

    Today we're taking a look at the price point skates of Bauer's new 2017 Vapor Skate family.  The skates are built from the same boot last as the 1XR, providing a consistent, tapered, snug fit throughout the foot, while offering this pro-preferred fit profile in multiple price points to fit every skater's budgets and needs.  Let's dive straight into it!

    Bauer XR800
    The Bauer Vapor XR800 Skate features a full Curv composite boot, created from one of the most lightweight, responsible, anatomically heat moldable materials available in the industry.  A performance-first approach to skate design ensures that the Curv composite stands out as a hyper-stiff energy-transferring material, improving the fit and finish of every skate.

    As with the top-of-the-line 1XR, the XR800 features the new LockFit dual-zone grip liner, with a tackier, grip-material bottom designed to securely lock the foot in place, while the familiar Hydramax 2 liner keeps the skate cool and dry with its patented moisture management properties.  The new FlexLock tongue combines a pro-grade felt tongue with a thermoformable smart material that improves forward flex and durability, while maintaining that range of motion through the boot's overall asymmetrical design.

    Bauer XR600
    The Bauer Vapor XR600 Skate features a pro-level spec-sheet and materials, while remaining friendly to the wallet.  A tech-mesh fiber composite boot provides a lightweight, responsive upgrade from traditional, older tech-mesh, while retaining the new asymmetrical last design Bauer created for this updated Vapor family.

    A new one-piece heel and ankle support built into the internal structure of the boot improves stability and fit throughout the anterior portion of the foot, using Bauer's tried-and-tested AnaForm ankle pads and a moisture-wicking microfiber liner to provide a secure wrap and heel lock; all while maintaining a cool, dry boot through ample ventilation and moisture management.

    Bauer XR500
    The Bauer Vapor XR500 Skate starts with a reinforced TrueForm Tech PU boot, a material that provides a performance stiffness and responsiveness at a reasonable price.  A one-piece, internal heel and ankle support structure is a new feature implemented by Bauer to provide an improved heel fit and secure lock, while increasing the durability of the skate.

    An upgraded tongue with an integrated metatarsal guard helps serve as protection from lace bite and minor impact energy, while a heatmoldable AnaForm ankle pads serve as a structural basis for the hydrophobic microfiber internals.  The result is a great fit package with moisture-wicking properties.

    The one-piece Aluminium Hi-Lo frame is found at this price point, with its seamless construction improving the durability and responsiveness of the skate, while Indoor Hi-Lo Clinger wheels and Abec 7 bearings round out the skate.

    Bauer XR400
    The Bauer Vapor XR400 skate is formed from Bauer's PU Trueform Tech Mesh boot, that provides a performance-minded degree of stiffness, durability and impact protection at the recreational price point.  The AnaForm ankle pads are heatmoldable to provide a customized fit from the first fitting at the shop.

    A standard pro-felt tongue and microfiber liner fill out the internals of the skate, while the Hi-Lo Court wheels, Abec 5 bearings and Ventilator frame provide a solid, stable foundation for turns, strides and glides.  

    Bauer XR300
    A great option for the casual skater looking for the hockey skate feel, or the rookie player looking to get into the game, Bauer's Vapor boot design offers a secure heel lock and adaptable fit to provide stability and support throughout every stride.  Unique at this price point are the Heat-adjustable internal foams, allowing for some heat moldability and fit customization from the first fit at the shop, while reducing break-in time.

    Hi-Lo Street Outdoor Wheels, Abec 5 bearings and a Two-Piece Hi-Lo chassis produces an aggressive pitch perfect for maneuverability and maximizing skating technique. 

    The new Bauer Vapor XR Vapor line takes the best elements of the familiar Vapor skate, and injects each skate with performance upgrades to keep up with the technological and skill advancements in roller hockey.  The result is a much better value product at each price point, ensuring that every player is getting the support, performance and fit they need.

    See the new inline hockey skates in-store and online here, at Coast to Coast Hockey Shop - your Vancouver-home-grown inline store!

  • Welcome to the new Coast to Coast Hockey Shop!

    Posted by sean @ CTCHS

    Hi everyone, I am proud to announce our new website (coasthockeyshop.com) is up and running! This site will be a lot more mobile friendly and should offer a much better shopping experience for all users.

    We hope this site shows off the products more, makes them easier to find and get them delivered to your door!

    One feature we want to add to all the skates is the Custom Skate options where you can purchase a boot with upgraded wheels, bearings, or neither, so you can save some money and use the wheels and bearings you already have.

    You can view this on the Mission DS1 Skates page Please let me know if you think this is a useful option!

    The site is still under construction so if you happen to stumble upon any issues, please shoot us an email and we'll work on it!

    Thanks everyone for all your support over the years!

    Canadian Dollar!

    Let's acknowledge one other change, some of our prices on gear that we purchase from the United States has gone up. We put it off as long as possible, but with the exchange rate going the way it is, we had to make some changes.

    So at first glance, it might look bad, but if you do some calculations you should see that we are still extremely competitive! 

    New Shipping Rates Rundown

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    USA Shipping options:
    under 2kg - $16.99
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    International Shipping options:  (examples)
    up to 250g - $14.99 (two pucks or two bottles)
    up to 500g - $24.99 (4 pucks, 1 sets (16) bearings) or (2 ABS Blades)
    up to 1kg - $44.99 (8 wheels, set (16) bearings)
    up to 2kg - $49.99 (small accessories* see more below)
    up to 2kg - $79.99 (pants, 5 pucks, 8 wheels, set (16) bearings)
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