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I wanted to highlight a few great products we stock that are great for ball hockey!


Sher-wood Begley Ball Hockey Gloves

Lightweight gloves with good protection for high level ball hockey. The Sher-wood Begley Ball Hockey Gloves are excellent for ball or even roller / inline hockey with a ball. Thin but dense foams on the backhand provide more mobility and the plastic inserts on the backhand provide a high level of protection.

Great for summer days, these gloves also feature ventilated fingers, palms and backhands so you'll keep cool and the gloves will dry out faster to stay fresh.



Probably wouldn't be the best option for competitive roller hockey with a puck, but good for pick-up, practice, shinny or some less intense action.

These will fit much snugger than a traditional hockey glove resulting in very precise control. They are available in Small, Medium and Large. Small fits a range from 10"-11", Medium from 12-13", Large from 14"-15".


Tour Street / Ball Hockey Goalie Equipment

More good stuff for the Ball Hockey crowd! Tour has been making some nice looking goalie pads for ball and roller hockey for a while. Usually hard to find up in Canada. Tour's pads feature much better protection than the typical 'street hockey' kits you'd find on the market.


For beginners there are some entry level pads - Tour 550 Goalie Leg Pads - also a good blocker and catcher  - Tour 400 Blocker and the Tour 400 Glove / Catcher. Nice lightweight pads that will get the job done. Available in some Youth and Adult sizes.


For advanced ball hockey or inline hockey with a ball - Tour Evo 6000 Leg Pads - Tour Evo 6000 Blocker and Tour 6000 Catcher. The Evolution 6000 line have a few more features, more durable materials with better protection. Available in Adult sizes. 

If you need the full Evo 6000 set - we have the Tour 6000 Adult / Sr Goalie Kit which will save you a few bucks versus buying them individually.


For the young folks, The Tour Invader 150 Youth Goalie Pack are available in 23" or 27".


 Franklin Official Ball Hockey balls (no bounce, no liquid)

For the Ball hockey players in Vancouver and across Canada playing indoor in Gyms, Rinks, Rec Centers, Halls, etc. We have started to bring in the Franklin High Density and Super High Density 'Official' 2 5/8" Hockey balls with you in mind!




Available in Orange (softer) and Red (harder) so you can pick the best ball for your temperature.


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