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Skates, sticks and gloves from Alkali Hockey have arrived!


Alkali RPD+ Skates


Alkali Hockey is the newest big player to the inline hockey industry. Featuring a flat 80mm wheel setup for top speed and stopping power. The second wheel is recessed into the boot to get the lowest center of gravity possible.


Alkali's skates feature an aggressive forward lean and a reduced toe spring. In theory, this will better position players to get more power out of every stride.


The foams used in the liner of these skates has a great reputation for being very moldable, resulting in a very personal fit.



The Alkali RPD Team+ Skate has top of the line comfort and performance with a mid-range price tag! This skate has great comfort, Activ Wick liner to keep your feet dry, backed by quality memory foams to ensure a custom fit and solid heel lock (same as in the RPD+ Max).




The boot uses a composite outsole for an improved energy transfer over injected plastics, traditionally used in entry level skates. Good indoor wheels with Labeda Millenniums (x-Soft) and fast, smooth bearings make this skate a great choice for any player.


We have them in sizes from 6 up to 12. Check out the Alkali RPD+ Team Skates online or try them on and take a spin in the shop!


Alkali RPD Sticks


Alkali worked with TrueTemper to release a few high end composite hockey sticks. The sticks we brought in both feature the VDC Stick Coating which is a rubbery layer that reduces vibration and adds a bit of grip. They also use a textured blade which helps grip the puck and reduces the need for hockey stick tape or BladeTape.


Both sticks are designed with a variable kick-point that flex in relation to where your bottom hand is placed.




The Alkali RPD Max stick is a true one piece stick constructed with 100% carbon. It is lightweight at about 425 grams. The stick uses a 100% carbon rib through the blade to increase rigidity and responsiveness.




The Alkali RPD Team stick is another true one piece stick with a lower price tag. Alkali used a fiberglass / carbon fiber blend to lower the cost while still maintaining a low weight (about 465 grams), but still feels very balanced in the hands.




Alkali RPD Lite+ Gloves


We are running out of room for gloves in the shop but wanted to make sure we had some Alkali mitts on the wall. The Alkali RPD Lite+ gloves are a 'traditional' style glove with lots of room in the wrists for full mobility.




The gloves use a lightweight but dense foam on the backhands for a good amount of protection. Good comfort for an entry level glove, constructed with a polyester liner and nash palms.


More in the shop!


We also have the top end RPD Max+ and RPD Shift+ skates on display in the store if you want to see them in person. We don't have all sizes but we can order them in for you to pick up in store or get them delivered to your door in a hurry!





Any questions, shoot us an email using the box below!