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Received a big shipment from Mission and Bauer this week. Here's what we got!


Mission Inhaler DS3 Skates


We received the Mission Inhaler DS3 Skates in a good amount of sizes. This is a great looking skate with lots of features. The DS3 showcase the new and grippy Hi-Lo Static wheels and super fast Swiss bearings. The CNC Aluminum chassis is very light weight yet strong. Combined with the composite outsole, this skate has excellent responsiveness and very high energy transfer.



There are a couple features that separate the DS3 from the competitors. The quarter package and toe cap features Missions 'SICK' Ventilation allowing airflow for heat and moisture to escape while you skate.  The new Heel Colour chip feature allows players to customize the colour accents on their skates to match their equipment or team.



Mission Inhaler DS1 Gloves


The most breathable glove in hockey is the Mission Inhaler DS1! Now available in Black or White in most Senior sizes.


The gloves feature pro level protection with dual density foams as well as poly inserts. Unique to these gloves is the perforated foams, inserts and liners which allow for a great amount of airflow.


The DS line of gloves are a tapered fit, similar to a Bauer Vapor glove. Snug in the fingers, with a wide cuff for maximum wrist mobility.


Another neat feature is the customizable Mission logo on the cuff of the gloves. You can select between 3 included logos to match your teams colours or your mood!



Mission Stir D1 and D5 Composite Sticks


We received a few of Mission's new composite sticks. Both are mid-kick sticks, which is great for any player who wants to get a lot of power out their shots and great durability. At the top of the line is the Mission Stir D1 Composite Stick. The Stir D1 shaft and blade are constructed with 3k Carbon fiber keeping this stick extremely light and responsive.


The Mission Stir D5 Composite stick is another high performance stick with a lower price tag than the D1. Just like the D1 it has the premium 3k Carbon fiber blade wrap so you have accurate and consistent shots.



Mission sticks are available in 3 curves. Rodriguez (PM9), French (P88) and Arcibal (P92) and come in Grip or Non-grip.


Space is limited here in the shop so we aren't able to stock every curve in every flex and grip. However, if we don't have what you are looking for, shoot us an email and we'll bring in what you need or help you find something similar!



Bauer Vapor and Supreme Shin Guards


We have a nice range of Bauer shin guards now for anyone, beginners to the advanced players. Bauer Vapor are classified as a tapered fit, snug, and narrow around the ankles to allow for great agility and mobility. The Bauer Supreme line are labelled as an anatomical fit, tight, close to the body fit for unhindered strides.


The entry level set is the Bauer Vapor X60 Shin guards. Lightweight Vapor shell with a removable liner. Great affordable shin guard available in Senior and Junior sizes. If you prefer a tighter fit or have skinny legs like me, you might like the Bauer Supreme One.4 Shin Guards




A step up from the X60 is the Bauer Vapor X80 Shin guards. These pads use the Free Flex shin cap which allows for greater range of motion for even better mobility.



For the players who want the best, check out the Bauer Vapor X100 Shin guards that offer maximal protection and a very comfortable liner. The 3 strap system ensures you get a snug and custom fit. High density foams and poly inserts on the calf take the sting out of blowing by their D.


Bauer Vapor, Supreme Sticks and Shafts


We are trying to fill up our stick selection with some great sticks at a range of price points in a variety of curves and flexes. Again, let us know what stick you desire and we'll order it in so that hopefully the next time you visit, your stick is in stock.


We have a couple Bauer Vapor APX2 Sticks and Supreme TotalOne MX3 Shafts in the shop. These are only available in store. More details on the variations will be available soon.


I had the pleasure of testing the Bauer Vapor X100 composite stick recently for an indoor roller hockey game on sport court. I haven't used a one piece stick in years. I had been using shafts with an ABS blade indoor and outdoor for a long time and figured it was good enough. A lot of people were requesting I bring in the one piece sticks for indoor roller hockey and I decided in order to properly advise people on the gear I need to experience the hype.




Holy crap. I'm sold. The Vapor X100 is in the class of extremely light sticks at around 430 grams. Most of my two piece sticks were over 600 grams and very blade heavy. Once I started stick handling in the warm-up with the X100 I was blown away at how much faster I could move my stick.


It was a bit of an adjustment, but after taking a couple of shots I knew I wasn't going back to the two piece any time soon. I used a low 77 flex and the shots were easy to get more power into and I felt with the reduced weight I could get them off faster. Can't wait to use it again and keep improving my shot.



We also received a good amount of Bauer Supreme 170 Composite Sticks. This is one of the lightest sticks you can find in the $99 price point. I had a teammate use one for a game who went on to put up 3 points. Obviously it was the stick! After the game he wanted to buy a second one as a backup. Very positive review! The Supreme line is all mid-kick stick, great for players who want to take a lot of slap shots.



Bauer Vapor and Supreme Gloves


Bauer makes a ton of sweet gloves and we wanted to be able to offer a few of their options in the shop.



The Bauer Supreme One.8 Gloves are a high-end glove in an anatomical fit. Snug around the fingers and backhand for a responsive feel. Excellent protection in the backhand, to protect from pucks or chops. Great ivory nash palm with a nash 'Gecko' overlay.





In an effort to offer quality entry level gloves for recreational roller or ball hockey we brought in the Bauer Vapor X60 Gloves. Decent protection in the backhand and dual layer palms for good durability at a price that won't break the bank.


Bauer Premium Duffle Bag


If you need an excellent drop in or pick up hockey bag. Or just as good as a gym or travel bag. I'd highly recommend you take a peek at the Bauer Team Premium Duffle Bag. It is constructed with a waterproof 'polyvinyl' that is extremely rugged and durable. Has enough room for skates and a few protective pieces.


The bag meets airline carry on requirements, features a removable and adjustable shoulder strap as well as carry straps for easy lugging. It's available in Black, Red and Navy


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