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For the players who want to keep their inline game progressing through the winters there are a handful of options in and around Vancouver.


Even if the seasons are already underway, email the league managers and they are usually eager to find a spot for you on an existing team. They can also inform you if their rinks have any drop in or stick and puck times.


VIHL - First Winter Season! - Coquitlam - Adult


The Vancouver Inline Hockey League has announced they will be running a winter roller hockey league out of the new facility by Poirier community center.

16 regular season games and every team is guaranteed 2 playoff games

Visit for more details!


Langley Hockey House - Fall / Winter Season - Langley - Adult and Junior


The Langley Hockey House continues their popular adult and junior roller hockey programs through the winter.

26 regular season games and every team is guaranteed 2 playoff games

Check out and shoot them an email!


Surrey Central Roller Hockey - Fall / Winter Season - Surrey - Adult and Junior


Central City Arena in Surrey offers an Adult and Junior Fall roller hockey league as well.

14-16 games included for more information!


Eagle Ridge Roller Hockey - Victoria - Adult and Junior


If you are on the island you have a nice option for indoor roller hockey - Eagle Ridge Roller Hockey runs year round programs for Adults and Juniors.

Their Fall season has 12 games and everyone makes the playoffs would be the place to learn more!



Outdoor Roller Hockey!


My personal favourite. On the West Coast we aren't blessed with frozen pond, but we are gifted concrete pond. As long as it is reasonably dry, there isn't much better than some shinny with the crew in the great outdoors.

It's free, you can play as long as you want and you can pretty much play anywhere! Grab a few balls or Green Biscuits, head to the park and make hockey happen!

Check out our collection of outdoor hockey rinks in Canada and try to find one near you! Let me know if we don't have a rink listed and we'll make sure it gets added.