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Wanted to update everyone on a handful of new Mission, Bauer and Reebok gear we received at the shop. Things are starting to take shape here on Main St!


Mission Inhaler Helmets

Now in the shop is the only helmet specifically made for roller hockey. To meet the needs of roller hockey players, you need a helmet that is protective, comfortable, and keeps you cool. The new Mission Inhaler helmet is based off the Bauer 5100 shell but is loaded with ventilation holes and channels to create a noticeable draft keeping players cool and dry. The unique combinations of VN foams and VEX inserts are super comfortable, absorb shock and breathe well.





The Helmet Combo kit includes the Bauer 9900 Stainless steel cage with oval bars (skinny bars) that are silver/grey which are a huge improvement over the traditional black 'round' bars. I went from using and hating a traditional black cage to using this skinny bar cage and the difference is night and day. I really don't notice the cage anymore. I do however notice every time it saves my teeth from getting knocked out!




These buckets feature another cool innovation - the Sweathog 2 sweatband sits at the forehead of your helmet and makes sure no sweat drips from your hair into your eyes. It can be removed, cleaned and reinserted. Or you can go without it if you don't like it! Great for those hot and drippy summer days.

All of our helmets in the shop have cages pre-installed, but we can remove them and discount the price of the helmet for you. Just shoot us an email and we can set that up.

Available online or in the shop now! the Mission Inhaler Helmet Combo

Mission Pro, Elite and Core girdles


Mission released 3 girdles so players can pick the piece of equipment that fits them and their style of play the best. If you want the most protection in a compression style fit. The Mission Pro Compression Girdle is for  you. It features customizable hip and thigh protection but is still form fitting and very light weight.



For a more relaxed fitting girdle there is the Mission Elite Compression Girdle. A similar compression fit like the Pro, still offering high density perforated hex foams in the front and back, the Mission Pro girdle is light weight, breathable with a good level of protection.



For a classic fitting girdle with good all around protection check out the Mission Core girdle. A traditional style girdle with single density perforated foam all around.



All of the girdles include a removable cup.

Available online or come try them on in the shop! 


Bauer APXR, X60R and X40R roller / inline hockey pants


Also included with the Mission Girdles were some of the nice roller hockey pants Bauer released.




At the top of the line is the Bauer Vapor APXR roller hockey pants. They are ultra light weight while still using extremely durable and flexible materials. They feature a Tapered leg control which will keep your pants snug around your shinpads which could reduce or remove the necessity for using Sock tape to keep your shins in place. The pants are very comfortable, breathe very well with many vented segments and have the heavy duty nylon where it matters.



 The Bauer X60R roller hockey pants offer a similar style, but with a manual Taper Leg Control so you can choose your amount of snugness around your shin pads. Or choose to leave them loose like traditional style inline pants. They also have ventilated panels to allow for good airflow.




If you are looking for a more traditional or affordable pant, the Bauer X40R roller hockey pants are a great option. They have classic fit, with lots of room around the knees, down the shins and into the ankles. Very comfortable, good durability and simple style.

Highly recommend the indoor roller hockey players check out and treat yourself to a nice new pair of Bauer inline hockey pants!


 Reebok 10K Ultimate ABS Sticks and Replacement Blades

For all the street, ball or outdoor roller hockey players we are happy to announce we received an order of ABS Sticks and Blades from Reebok! Everybody likes these sticks and blades as they are super durable and lightweight! They are both available in the P87a Crosby and P38 Datsytuk curves.



If you play outdoor on rough asphalt or concrete surfaces or play indoor and want to be frugal - The Reebok 10k Ultimate ABS Blade is a great option for you. Lighter weight than most other ABS blades on the market but holds up just as well. This blade will fit standard shafts. I also recommend these for use for indoor roller hockey. They can last all season and more on the smooth indoor concrete surface. Great value!



If you prefer to use a one piece, the Reebok 10K Ultimate ABS Stick could work for you. Utilizing the same durable Ultimate ABS material in the blade, this stick will last many games and perform very well. Currently only available in Sr. sizes.

If you are looking for equipment that we don't currently stock, shoot us an email and we can talk about bringing it in!


A Coupon - valid online or in-store!


Thanks for reading! Enter "onamissionformission" at checkout to save 10% off anything in the shop. You can redeem this coupon in store as well. Just mention you are on a mission for Mission! If I'm not in the shop and the staff looks at you funny, tell them to call me! You'll get your discount!


That coupon will expire Thursday, October 16th, 2014.


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