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New gear for 2014! Alkali Hockey's new line of pants and girdles have arrived. Also, White and Black Renfrew Sock Tape and 3 new curves stocked in the Frontier Crossover Blade.


Alkali Hockey RPD Pants and Girdle


We've added 5 awesome new pairs of roller hockey pants from Alkali Hockey. First up, Alkali RPD Team Pants are a high end, very durable and breathable pant. They are available in 3 colours, Red, Black and White.


Next is the Alkali RPD Lite Pants which are a very simple, lightweight pant that will keep you cool and won't break the bank. Available in Black and White.


Also new from Alkali is their girdles, the RPD Max Girdle and the RPD Comp Girdle.




The RPD Max Girdle offers a bit better thigh protection, but the RPD Comp Girdle has a slot where you can remove/replace or improve the protection on the thighs. That's neat if you want to minimize your padding or to maximize it for blocking shots.


White and Black Renfrew Sock Tape


The Red Renfrew Sock tape was a hit and sold out pretty quick. We've stocked up on that and added 2 new colours: Black and White. If you would like us to bring in another colour send an email to


Check out the Renfrew Coloured Sock Tape in Red, White and Black!


New Frontier Crossover ABS Blade curves


Hoping to improve our selection of curves, we've brought in 3 new curves of the Frontier Crossover ABS Blade.



Previously we only stocked the #4 and #10 which have pretty sharp curves. Due to popular request we have added #5, #11 and #19 which are a bit straighter.





Check them out, if you are interested in a curve you don't find here, send an email and we'll try to bring em in for you!


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