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3 beautifully coloured new wheels from Labeda and Screws / Axles for Mission and Bauer Roller hockey skates now added to the shop!


Labeda Addictions in Red and Flo. Yellow



Just received the new Labeda Addictions and they look great. The Red Addictions are available in 80mm, 76mm and 72mm. The Flo. Yellow are stocked in 80mm and 76mm.


Ranked as the #1 for indoor wheel by Coast to Coast Hockey Shop for its incredible combination of speed and grip.



Red and Black Labeda D3 Dynasty III


We also stocked up on the VERY grippy Labeda Dynasty III in the new Red and Black color scheme.




The Dynasty uses the same urethanes as the Labeda Addiction arranged to focus on grip.



Mission / Bauer replacement Screws / Bolts / Axles


This is one we've been looking to stock for awhile! Mission / Bauer replacement Screws / Bolts / Axles




Screws, Axles, Bolts, whatever you want to call them, are here! These will fit Mission and New Bauer roller hockey skates. Sold in sets of 4 which will cover 1 skate.



Coupon Code! For Christmas' Sake


Wheels make a great stocking stuffer for the roller hockey player in your life!


Enter "fifteendays" to save 15% off anything in the shop. That coupon will expire December 20th, 2013.


Free shipping over $165 !


Happy Holidays!