Posted by sean @ CTCHS

Hey! I've just added 2 new solid products to the shop. The Labeda Hum'er / Hummer Chassis as well as an awesome new inline Skate Tool.

Labeda Hum'er Eviction Chassis

The Labeda Hum'er Chassis is rock solid. 1 piece construction that fits 4 x 80mm wheels allowing for massive speed and great stopping power. They are featured on most Tour Skates.


Also featured my sweet new Fedorov style custom Nike Zoom Air blades! I was only able to get the 76mm wheels on there, but after a little bit of dremel work I'll have the 80mm on there soon. They felt terrific even with the 76mm on there. I'm used to the 76/80 Mission Hi Lo and it didn't take long to adjust to the skates at all.


I'm not setup yet to install the chassis for you but can refer you to someone who can for a reasonable price. Check out more information on the Labeda Hum'er Eviction Chassis.

New Inline Skate tool with Bearing popper

The skate tool is a thoughtfully designed bearing popper and hex key made into one. They are reasonably priced and do everything an inline skater needs in a small and handy tool.

Check them out in the shop!


They come packaged with 2 cool Coast to Coast Hockey Shop stickers!

That's it for now! Bye!